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Common Challenges Business Face with a Uniform Rental Company

Common Challenges Business Face with a Uniform Rental Company Choosing to work with a uniform rental company for all the garments needs of your team members is a big decision. It’s like your handing over your car keys to a mechanic and betting the car comes back better than when ...
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Uniform Rentals That Fit Any Industry, Profession or Process

Delivering Uniform Rental Programs for Every Industry, for over 125 years When we say the word ‘uniform’ what do you picture? Maybe a set of navy blue coveralls? How about a black polo shirt with matching black pleated pants? While we do carry both those items, some uniforms of today ...
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Can You Hear Me Now? Communications Company Uniforms from Gallagher

Ready for a fun fact? The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in August 2018, 753,000 people were employed by telecommunication companies across the U.S. This includes customer service representatives, installers, engineers, line installers and telephone operators. That’s a lot of people! What do you think they’re wearing on ...
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Gallagher Gives Thanks – Annual Meeting Recap 2018

Just before the holiday season kicked in, we at Gallagher Uniform hold our annual company meeting. It usually takes place in October and sets the stage for both our family leadership team and associates, describing the progress and successes we’ve made and why we should end the year on a ...
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A Day in the Life of Route Service Reps at Gallagher Uniform

Route Service Representatives (RSRs) are the face of Gallagher. They are the individuals our customers see and interact with during uniform deliveries on a weekly basis. They get your garments, towels, mats and facility supplies from point A to B and form the personal relationships with customers that Gallagher is known ...
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Bathroom Chats with Gallagher Uniform!

Let’s be real: When it comes to an employee restroom, nobody likes running out of toilet paper – or soap for that matter! A commodity that isn’t missed until it’s gone, janitorial supplies like soap, paper towel and toilet tissue are things that may not be thought about on a ...
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Quality Brands are Part of the Gallagher Difference

Quality Uniform Brands are Part of the Gallagher Difference As large uniform companies across the nation have started relying on private label uniform suppliers, we’d like to take a minute to assure our customers about the brands Gallagher believes in and carries. Every uniform you rent or purchase from Gallagher ...
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Gallagher’s Geographic Focus: Northern Indiana

At Gallagher Uniform, we are proud of our heritage and history! As a fifth-generation uniform rental company we share our story with everyone, and make sure that our current and prospective customers know that we are still independent and locally focused. But, did you know that, to us, local means ...
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