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Published: December 18, 2018


Ready for a fun fact?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in August 2018, 753,000 people were employed by telecommunication companies across the U.S. This includes customer service representatives, installers, engineers, line installers and telephone operators. That’s a lot of people! What do you think they’re wearing on the job?

Here’s a better question: What do you think they should be wearing on the job?

If you said clean, professionally maintained uniforms, we’d high-five you in agreement! Here’s why.

The people who install and repair residential internet connections, phone lines, and cable are in the trenches every day, visiting hundreds of homes and businesses every month. Make sure their first impression is the right one with service industry uniforms from Gallagher.

Communicate Secure & Safe Service with Professional Uniforms

Let’s be real, nobody wants to let a stranger into their home, even if they need their help! Home is a vulnerable place, and while your employees are certainly capable and professional, if their dress doesn’t reflect that, it’s hard to believe it. Coordinated uniforms that are well cared for, maintained and professionally cleaned send the right message. It tells your customers that you care about not only your people but about the experience they are providing home and businesses owners from start to finish.

Make Sure Your Service Technicians and Installers are Dressed to Impress.

Gallagher Uniform can provide communication companies large and small with a complete uniform rental program. Expect high-quality uniforms including shirts, pants, jackets, coveralls, and more that all have your recognizable brand or emblem front and center, instilling a sense of security for your customers.

Not only do we provide quality uniforms, we also launder, maintain and repair all garments, taking the guesswork out of your employee uniform program. We promise to make your people look professional and feel comfortable on the job every day, and have set ourselves up for success by integrating technology into everything we do:

  • G-Trak Online and G-Trak Mobile: allows managers and team leaders to access each associate’s garment information and track deliveries, size changes, inventories and more 24/7.
  • Upgraded Ultra-High Frequency RFID Tracking: allows each individual garment to be identified and tracked in our facility, making our process more efficient and able to accommodate large, complex accounts.
  • Bundle Verifier Stations: Every employee’s uniforms are bundled and scanned for completion before they ever leave our facility, ensuring accurate and complete deliveries. Guaranteeing 100% complete deliveries every week!

And remember, we work with a wide variety of service industries including utility companies, HVAC service industries, appliance repair services, and more. Read more about our growing relationships with the service industry here.

You’ve spent a lot of time building your networks, infrastructure and business’ reputation. Take some time to access the quality of your uniforms and apparel, making sure all of your employees are sending the same crystal-clear message of superior service and professionalism. Make the switch to Gallagher Uniform and see the difference we can make in your day-to-day operations today.

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