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Build Your Brand from the Floor Up With Custom Floor, Entrance & Safety Mats

You’re busy doing important, business-type things, so the thought of a floor mat probably isn’t top of mind. But, if you’re interested in marketing your business, ensuring employee safety, and keeping the facility clean, the answer is right under your feet — custom mats.

They’re the first thing that people see when they walk into your business and the last thing on the way out, all while contributing to the overall quality of customer and employee experiences. We know that uniform rental programs help connect your employees and customers to your brand. Mats can do that too!

The Benefits of Mats To Your Business

Mats are more than just something to throw down on the floor, although that’s basically what you have to do with them. Mats go far beyond that and offer a variety of benefits to your business.

Cleaner Floors and Facilities — First and foremost, floor mats can enhance the appearance of your business by keeping dirt, debris, and contaminants from entering the area. Commercial buildings and facilities often have a lot of foot traffic. When the weather is less than ideal, the potential for dirt, ice, rain, and snow to come into your business is inevitable. However, a commercial floor mat will easily trap and hold the liquid and dirt.

Great for Branding and Marketing — Most business owners and leaders are looking for ways to build the company brand, and it can be as easy as placing down a customized mat. Placed at the entrance of your facility, your company message is in front of every person who comes through your doors, every day. You can even use a customized mat to highlight a top-selling product or new service that you’re offering, encouraging more sales of those products.

Improve Safety for Employees and Visitors — One of the main causes of accidents in a business, especially manufacturing facilities, are slip and fall incidents. The last thing you want is an injury that could’ve been avoided by putting down a customized floor mat. Properly placed mats can reduce work-related injury and liability claims, which when you think about it, is still kind of exciting.

Increase Employee Productivity — Tired and sore employees aren’t quite as productive as they could be. By using quality anti-fatigue mats, you’re providing comfort and cushioning to reduce joint stress, prevent tired feet at workstations, and insulate against cold floors. Your employees and their no longer aching backs will thank you.

So Many Mats, So Little Time

When you connect with Gallagher Uniform, you’re given the opportunity to create a mat rental program that’s customized for your business and your business alone. Often customers use several different types of mats and other supplies throughout their facilities, including:

Entrance Mats — Available in a wide range of colors and sizes, these keep dirt, snow, and debris at the door.

Custom Logo Mats — A logo mat specifically designed to fit your needs helps make your corporate image seen to everyone who walks through your doors.Anti-fatigue Mats —The National Safety Council recommends the use of anti-fatigue mats to cushion the feet, reduce fatigue, and lessen stress in the back and legs, all helping to keep employees comfortable.

Scraper Mats — Perfect for outside entrances, slippery inclines, spillage areas, locker rooms, workstations and kitchens, these keep areas clear of debris, oil, grease, and other substances that could cause slip and fall accidents.

Message Mats — Offered in a variety of different themes including Safety, Quality, Greeting, and Bilingual, these are a great way to get a message across and capture dirt and moisture at the same time.

Safety Mats — Need to bring awareness to important safety precautions or warning information needed in certain areas? There’s a pre-printed mat for that.

Choose Gallagher Uniform For Your Custom Mats

Whether you’re looking to increase productivity, provide comfort for employees on the shop floor, enhance your entrances, or simply keep entryways neat, we have just the mat you need. Contact us and make the switch today.

Snowpocalypse What!? Gallagher Keeps on Rolling

This past weeks weather was one for the record books! Bitter cold temperatures, lots of snow and less than desirable driving conditions brought school closings, business closings, government closings and even a state of emergency for the State of Michigan.

Kudos to all of those to kept things moving – braving the roads to get to work, get goods delivered. It certainly was a test of the grit that Michiganders exemplify in the winter.

Gallagher Uniform was one company that kept going through the storm. Was it easy? No – but customers count on us to deliver their uniforms, so they can keep on working too.

We’re proud to say that we were able to maintain all of our routes throughout this week. And we want to thank all of our Gallagher Associates to made it happen.

Rolling Strong All Week

John Gallagher shared, “that’s just what we do, our route team, production associates, admin support, all showed up and supported each other with extra rides, taxi rides, jumper cables, whatever it took. It makes me very proud of the culture we’ve built and the commitment of our associates.”

What about the woman who rides her bike to work?

If you know Gallagher, you know about our long-time associate, Cindi, who rides her bike in to work 365 days a year. Well, she finally conceded to getting a ride to work this week. And we were very happy to make sure she was safe and warm on her way in.

We’re thrilled to see warmer temperatures on the horizon, even if for a short while. And, if old man winter sends more cold and snow our way, you can count on Gallagher Uniform to make sure there is never a worker without pants (or shirts, or jackets) while we’re on the job.

Stay warm!

*Photo courtesy of The City of Battle Creek. Find them on Facebook!

We Stock a Variety of Towels, Perfect for Your Place of Business

Towels are a critical operational component for countless businesses, from mechanic shops to hotels to fitness centers. If your business utilizes towels, you know how much time and energy they consume, not to mention the upfront cost to purchase and maintain them. What you may not realize is that you can use a towel rental service to save time, energy, and money, enjoying superior towels at the same time.

Towel rental programs that offer a wide variety of towels for your business

  • Need something that can handle dirt, grime, and oil? Our shop towels are a perfect fit.
  • Looking for towels for your gym patrons or hotel guests? Check out our inventory of bath towels.
  • Need something more versatile for your restaurant or bar? Our microfiber, kitchen, and bar towels should keep you covered.
  • Not sure what the best towel fit is? Give us a call anytime and we can help with that, too!

Economical and Efficient

A towel rental service may not seem like the most economical decision, but stop to think of all your major business investments. Towels are expensive to buy and they are also costly to maintain. Not only that, but you need a LOT more of them than you may think. Now add in the industrial equipment for laundering so many towels and the cost to install and maintain that equipment, not to mention all of the labor costs involved in actually laundering the towels and keeping them stocked, and you are looking at a significant monetary investment.

With a towel rental service, there is no substantial upfront investment for purchasing towels, and the towels are all laundered at Gallagher’s facilities, meaning maintenance costs will never be your problem. We also come by regularly to pick up dirty towels and drop off the clean towels, which keeps you and your staff freed up to focus on the rest of the business.

Expect Consistent, High-Quality Service from Gallagher Uniform

Whether the end users are your mechanics, bar staff, or customers, nobody likes to use a ratty, grungy towel. Low-quality or damaged towels negatively impact staff morale and your customers’ impression; don’t let that be a problem you struggle with! Gallagher’s towel rental service includes regular inspections of rented towels to ensure the utmost in quality and service.

Running a business takes a substantial amount of time and energy. Don’t spend that time and energy worrying about towels; let Gallagher shoulder that responsibility! As a local, family-owned company in operation for over 125 years, we understand that customer service and quality products are critical, and we are committed to providing the best of both. Make the switch to Gallagher today to set up your laundry rental service!

Common Challenges Business Face with a Uniform Rental Company

Choosing to work with a uniform rental company for all the garments needs of your team members is a big decision. It’s like your handing over your car keys to a mechanic and betting the car comes back better than when you left it (as it should). And if it doesn’t, there’s a real problem. That worry is legitimate, as are the common concerns you may have when deciding to work with a uniform rental service. You’re trusting them to do their job and do it well.

At Gallagher Uniform, we find that trust is better established when we are transparent and upfront with our customers, clearing up any potential worries. Once customers understand the method to our madness, the dedicated time we take to ensure they have a positive experience, their load feels a little lighter (and we’re not talking about laundry!).

Here are some common struggles many small, medium and large businesses face when choosing the right uniform rental company – and the Gallagher Uniform Solutions!

“It’s hard to find a rental program that fits all the different employees’ roles in my company.”

That is certainly a challenge. Take an auto dealership for example. They may need branded uniforms for the front desk, sales team, auto technicians, mechanics, etc. And we can’t see someone getting under the hood in a collared polo shirt. This facility would need a wide variety of uniforms, but all branded under their dealership name and car brands. Even from a manufacturing perspective, the facility manager may need different uniforms for general manufacturing, supervisors, ARC rated uniforms, high visibility, the list goes on.

Luckily, companies can look to Gallagher Uniform as a single source for all their employee uniform requirements. Here, you’ll find a selection of uniforms from business casual, industrial work wear, and women’s uniforms. We also carry specialty uniforms like high visibility & fire resistant garments and lab coats, even specialty sizes for big & tall and more. With Gallagher, finding something for everyone is a piece of cake.

“I can never get ahold of the company rep, and I don’t have a lot of time to be dealing with uniform complaints!”

 Working with a supplier dedicated to your uniform needs should be easy, not difficult. With Gallagher, you’re assigned a Route Service Representative at the very beginning. Your Route Service Representative makes your first delivery and every scheduled delivery for the weeks to come. We’ve also taken pains to make communication as quick and easy as possible including:

  • Service Request Boards that have direct contact information to your Route Service Representative and Route Service Supervisor. There are also service request cards conveniently located for employees to request repairs anytime.
  • With G-Trak Mobile, you and your employees have a direct connection to your uniform program. Using our app, you can make uniform size changes, request repairs and replacements, see when your next pick up or delivery is scheduled, and receive up-to-the-minute collection reports.

“I don’t understand the invoices and feel like I’m being taken advantage of.”

That’s a deal breaker. Like any competitive industry, when you feel disrespected, ignored or (gulp) cheated, it’s time to pull the plug. Luckily, our easy to read, transparent statements keep inventories on track and budgets in line. They are always emailed during delivery and provide absolute transparent billing – no hidden charges, ever. We also set a standard that you don’t pay for your garments until you have them to wear!

“I don’t feel confident that the garments will be reliably repaired.”

At Gallagher, your image is our reputation. And we’ve maintained a stellar reputation because we make each and every one of our customers look their best. Should a garment come through the facility that doesn’t pass our quality inspection, we either repair or replace it. In fact, over 90% of all the repairs or replacements are identified by our inspection team before your employees even notice. We inspect all uniforms at three different checkpoint areas and do our final inspection once all the garments are hung in order by the customer.  This allows us to “Grade” garments against others within the same company. What’s more, all products are G-Trak Certified, meaning they are scanned out together before they leave, ensuring there are no missing items with us.

Take laundry off the list of things to do and make the switch to Gallagher. With our uniform rental programs, you get clean, quality uniforms delivered every week with no stress and lots of satisfaction. Help your employees feel good from the inside out with top-of-the-line uniforms from the local professionals.

Delivering Uniform Rental Programs for Every Industry, for over 125 years

When we say the word ‘uniform’ what do you picture? Maybe a set of navy blue coveralls? How about a black polo shirt with matching black pleated pants? While we do carry both those items, some uniforms of today are changing. Many workplaces are becoming more flexible in their required attire, while others are dedicated to a more standardized appearance.

We work hard to be aware of uniform trends and innovations, offering the best brand name clothing and flexible uniform programs in our area. Uniforms have a long-standing history in manufacturing, and we’ve been a part of that for 125 years and counting. While trends come and go, our uniform rental programs offer a wide selection of high-quality garments, with service you can count on. For that reason, Gallagher should be the name that comes to mind when you think of uniform rental companies you want to partner with.

Is one type of uniform better than the other? No way. What’s important to our customers is having an array of garment options that fit their industry, their production processes, and all while ensuring their employees have comfortable, high-quality work uniforms delivered complete and on-time.

Uniform Rental Programs Built to Last

We’ve been in this business since 1893 – that doesn’t mean we know everything, but it’s safe to say we’ve had time to perfect what we do. And that’s build solid, trustworthy uniform rental programs for businesses of any shape, size or industry. These programs are the “meat and potatoes” of our company, and they’ve stood the test of time for a few reasons.

  • No matter how much we grow and evolve, our focus has always been on customer service excellence.
  • We are dedicated to continuous innovation to meet the needs of our growing customer base. We will never sacrifice quality for quantity.
  • We secure uniforms from top-tier suppliers that, like us, expect garments to last for more than a few washes, remain comfortable, and help people get their jobs done safely.
  • Beyond uniform rental, we also offer facility services such as paper product replenishment, towel rental programs, mat rentals, and more, helping not only your employees look their best, but your facility as well. It’s a package deal.

Direct Sale Garments at Gallagher

If uniform rental programs are the “meat and potatoes” of Gallagher, direct sale garments are dessert. We understand that the corporate look is evolving and changing dress code rules seek to accommodate personal taste and expression, encouraging employees to showcase who they are, while still building a unified appearance of professionalism. Along those lines, we support rental programs with corporate direct sale programs as well.

The Gallagher Uniform catalog reflects our support of both rental work uniform programs, and direct sale garments. These direct sale items speak to the company seeking to provide their people with more fashion-forward, flexible options, and we can help with that. Carrying uniform garment brand names like RedKap, Wrangler, North Face, San Mar, Eddie Bauer, Ogio, Wrangler, and Nike, we want to help your team feel good about what they wear every day.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our competitive pricing, exceptional service, and uniform offerings today.









Ready for a fun fact?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in August 2018, 753,000 people were employed by telecommunication companies across the U.S. This includes customer service representatives, installers, engineers, line installers and telephone operators. That’s a lot of people! What do you think they’re wearing on the job?

Here’s a better question: What do you think they should be wearing on the job?

If you said clean, professionally maintained uniforms, we’d high-five you in agreement! Here’s why.

The people who install and repair residential internet connections, phone lines, and cable are in the trenches every day, visiting hundreds of homes and businesses every month. Make sure their first impression is the right one with service industry uniforms from Gallagher.

Communicate Secure & Safe Service with Professional Uniforms

Let’s be real, nobody wants to let a stranger into their home, even if they need their help! Home is a vulnerable place, and while your employees are certainly capable and professional, if their dress doesn’t reflect that, it’s hard to believe it. Coordinated uniforms that are well cared for, maintained and professionally cleaned send the right message. It tells your customers that you care about not only your people but about the experience they are providing home and businesses owners from start to finish.

Make Sure Your Service Technicians and Installers are Dressed to Impress.

Gallagher Uniform can provide communication companies large and small with a complete uniform rental program. Expect high-quality uniforms including shirts, pants, jackets, coveralls, and more that all have your recognizable brand or emblem front and center, instilling a sense of security for your customers.

Not only do we provide quality uniforms, we also launder, maintain and repair all garments, taking the guesswork out of your employee uniform program. We promise to make your people look professional and feel comfortable on the job every day, and have set ourselves up for success by integrating technology into everything we do:

  • G-Trak Online and G-Trak Mobile: allows managers and team leaders to access each associate’s garment information and track deliveries, size changes, inventories and more 24/7.
  • Upgraded Ultra-High Frequency RFID Tracking: allows each individual garment to be identified and tracked in our facility, making our process more efficient and able to accommodate large, complex accounts.
  • Bundle Verifier Stations: Every employee’s uniforms are bundled and scanned for completion before they ever leave our facility, ensuring accurate and complete deliveries. Guaranteeing 100% complete deliveries every week!

And remember, we work with a wide variety of service industries including utility companies, HVAC service industries, appliance repair services, and more. Read more about our growing relationships with the service industry here.

You’ve spent a lot of time building your networks, infrastructure and business’ reputation. Take some time to access the quality of your uniforms and apparel, making sure all of your employees are sending the same crystal-clear message of superior service and professionalism. Make the switch to Gallagher Uniform and see the difference we can make in your day-to-day operations today.

Gallagher Gives Thanks – Annual Meeting Recap 2018

Just before the holiday season kicked in, we at Gallagher Uniform hold our annual company meeting. It usually takes place in October and sets the stage for both our family leadership team and associates, describing the progress and successes we’ve made and why we should end the year on a thankful note. 2018 is no exception and we are proud to enter the holiday season with a feeling of gratitude – to both our associates and customers in Michigan and Indiana.

Five Generations of Excellence Continued

We celebrated our 125thyear in business in 2018! While many family-owned businesses may struggle to make it beyond a second or third generation, Gallagher Uniform has been defying the odds. In fact, this year marked our second largest year of growth, ever! Welcoming Bell’s Brewery, Herbruck’s Poultry, Firekeepers Casino, Getman, and more to our growing customer base, we are thankful for the ability to expand our services while maintaining a high quality, dependable uniform rental program.

Growth and Facility Improvements Were Central to 2018

Here’s a look at a few cool things we accomplished!

  • Added 53 new customers to our growing Gallagher family
  • Renewed 55 customers for 2019
  • Kickstarted 3 new routes, allowing us to expand to uncharted territory
  • Installed a new high-efficiency dryer
  • Expanded our automated garment sorting system
  • Upgraded to an Ultra-High Frequency RFID chip tracking system

Associate Performances Were Recognized

During the annual meeting, we celebrated a number of associate accomplishments and are continually impressed by their customer service excellence and dedication to making Gallagher a great place to work. 25 people were recognized for perfect attendance during the fourth quarter with nine associates honored for perfect attendance for an entire year!

Most importantly, our 2018 customer retention rate hit 98.3%!

With the industry average landing at 94%, this is the 8th year we’ve come out on top. That percentage is thanks to our amazing Gallagher associates who set the standard in daily performance, our growing passion for innovation, and consistent commitment to quality.

It’s during meetings like this that these tenets come into play and motivate the entire Gallagher team to continue moving forward, growing, and improving the experience for our associates and customers.

Thank you for an amazing 2018!





Route Service Representatives (RSRs) are the face of Gallagher. They are the individuals our customers see and interact with during uniform deliveries on a weekly basis. They get your garments, towels, mats and facility supplies from point A to B and form the personal relationships with customers that Gallagher is known for. So, what does a day in the life of a Route Service Rep look like? We’re here to give you an inside peek.

Preparation is Everything. The Evening Before

 The beginning of the cycle actually starts at the end of their shift! Before our RSRs head home, they load up all their deliveries for the next day. The garments have already been through our three-point inspection, cleaned, bundled and lined up for delivery. They prep the truck for the next morning and call it a day.

 Route Service Reps Do More Than Deliver Uniforms

RSRs arrive back the next morning and hit the ground running. They have pre-planned routes that rotate daily throughout the week, ensuring that your deliveries arrive on time on the day you expect them. (Remember, you can always use G-Trak Mobile to see when your uniforms are on their way.)

Upon arrival at your facility, the Reps unload and interact! As the main point of contact for our customers, RSRs don’t just drop and run. They stay, they talk and make sure that you’re totally satisfied. While there, they also look for any service requests left on the service board and address any unanswered questions you may have.

Route Service Representatives have their own form of G-Trak on the Go and are able to make changes to your uniform rental program while on route, which take effect immediately, not when they get back to the plant. This also allows them to always have the details of your account available, making it easy to answer questions and help in any way they can. Using G-Track on the Go, new orders, cancellations, size changes, replacements, and repairs can all be entered right on-site!

Before departure, RSRs collect all soiled uniforms that are ready to be washed or need repair and load those into the truck. On occasion, they also meet with any new employees, getting them measured and fitted for their new uniforms. Then it’s off to the next stop on the route, and so on and so forth.

Upon arrival back at the plant, they bring the dirty uniforms to the check-in team where they will get sorted for cleaning. Then they load the deliveries slated for the next day and high five each other on a job well done!

RSRs are an integral part of Gallagher Uniform. Many have been with us for years and over that time frame, have built some deep relationships with customers. For example, just last year we honored Route Service Rep, David Walker, with our ACE Employee of the Year award. For over 20 years, he has been our “boots on the ground”, meeting with customers every week and servicing their uniform rental needs. However, even more important than making complete, on-time deliveries every week, David specializes in making and keeping our customers happy. That’s what it all about in the end, maintaining a robust and reliable uniform rental program through weekly relationship and trust building.

So, the next time you see a Gallagher RSR in your building, stop and say hi! They would love to get to know you. And if you’re thinking about making the switch to Gallagher Uniform, contact us to learn more about our processes and approach to customer satisfaction.





Let’s be real: When it comes to an employee restroom, nobody likes running out of toilet paper – or soap for that matter! A commodity that isn’t missed until it’s gone, janitorial supplies like soap, paper towel and toilet tissue are things that may not be thought about on a daily basis but are very important nonetheless. Don’t get caught with your pants down – consider working with Gallagher Uniform to not only assist you with a structured uniform rental program but in facility maintenance supplies as well.

Clean Facilities Improve Workplace Morale and Overall Image

Keeping your cleansers, paper products and other supplies topped off lets your employees and on-site customers know that you care about your facility, their health, and well-being. It’s a silent signal of respect and something people expect from high-quality workplaces. But, keeping an eye on your janitorial supply inventory can be challenging, especially if it’s not naturally part of your everyday work routine. Good thing it’s part of ours!

Many customers count on our Route Service Representatives to deliver more than just uniforms. They also monitor facility service supplies every week, restocking and refilling as needed. With our team on the clock, you never need to worry about running out of the bare necessities.

Janitorial Supplies from Gallagher Uniform  

We carry a wide range of facility and janitorial supplies including:

  • Air fresheners with three scent options
  • Alco-gel hand sanitizer
  • Foam hand soap service
  • Industrial hand cleaner service
  • Toilet tissue – strong, soft and absorbent
  • Center pull paper towels & dispensers
  • Continuous roll towels
  • Nitrile and vinyl gloves

When you work with Gallagher, we guarantee your soaps never run out. That’s because we refill all dispensers on a tight and consistent schedule, attending to facility’s needs before you have to think about it. And don’t forget, we also have towels, mops and mats on-hand and available for our customers anytime. From clean mats and uniforms to clean hands and sanitary bathrooms, we keep your people and facility looking its very best!

Contact us to learn more about the brands we carry and how to make our facility services a part of your rental program today.


Quality Uniform Brands are Part of the Gallagher Difference

As large uniform companies across the nation have started relying on private label uniform suppliers, we’d like to take a minute to assure our customers about the brands Gallagher believes in and carries. Every uniform you rent or purchase from Gallagher has our stamp of approval based on quality manufacturing, comfort, and affordability.

Quality Inventory from a Uniform Rental Company That Cares

We carry a wide array of workwear from RedKap, a company that’s been creating comfortable, durable workwear since 1923. Today, they outfit more than 16 million Americans and with a “do things right” mentality, their shirts, pants, outerwear and more have never been better.

We also carry big names including WranglerDickiesBulwark (for fire-resistant garments) and a large selection of Sanmar uniform products like Port Authority and Sport-Tek. We’ve stocked our shelves with the best in clothing and outerwear, carrying anything and everything your workers may need to get their job done and look good doing it.

Keep Your Staff Looking Their Best with Custom Garments from Gallagher

Existing customers can purchase specialized apparel for their people anytime. Apparel such as an Eddie Bauer jacket, Nike golf polo shirt, or even a backpack can be purchased through us and customized with your company’s logo. These small gifts can make a big difference, boosting your staff’s morale and keeping employees happy.

We’ve also recently added North Face to our cold weather work gear and outerwear line up, providing customers with even more variety and guaranteeing a fashionable solution to every uniform challenge. Outerwear that’s customized by Gallagher Uniform to include your company’s colors and logo are an important component of your brand awareness strategy. They convert your employees into brand ambassadors, promoting your company anywhere they go!

From head to toe, Gallagher has you covered. Offering the best brand name clothing, flexible uniform programs and affordable prices – Gallagher should be on the short list of prospective uniform rental companies you want to partner with. See for yourself by exploring our online catalog of outerwear options and consider making the switch to Gallagher today! Get in touch to learn more about our competitive pricing, exceptional service, and uniform offerings.

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