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Just before the holiday season kicked in, we at Gallagher Uniform hold our annual company meeting. It usually takes place in October and sets the stage for both our family leadership team and associates, describing the progress and successes we’ve made and why we should end the year on a thankful note. 2018 is no exception and we are proud to enter the holiday season with a feeling of gratitude – to both our associates and customers in Michigan and Indiana.

Five Generations of Excellence Continued

We celebrated our 125thyear in business in 2018! While many family-owned businesses may struggle to make it beyond a second or third generation, Gallagher Uniform has been defying the odds. In fact, this year marked our second largest year of growth, ever! Welcoming Bell’s Brewery, Herbruck’s Poultry, Firekeepers Casino, Getman, and more to our growing customer base, we are thankful for the ability to expand our services while maintaining a high quality, dependable uniform rental program.

Growth and Facility Improvements Were Central to 2018

Here’s a look at a few cool things we accomplished!

  • Added 53 new customers to our growing Gallagher family
  • Renewed 55 customers for 2019
  • Kickstarted 3 new routes, allowing us to expand to uncharted territory
  • Installed a new high-efficiency dryer
  • Expanded our automated garment sorting system
  • Upgraded to an Ultra-High Frequency RFID chip tracking system

Associate Performances Were Recognized

During the annual meeting, we celebrated a number of associate accomplishments and are continually impressed by their customer service excellence and dedication to making Gallagher a great place to work. 25 people were recognized for perfect attendance during the fourth quarter with nine associates honored for perfect attendance for an entire year!

Most importantly, our 2018 customer retention rate hit 98.3%!

With the industry average landing at 94%, this is the 8th year we’ve come out on top. That percentage is thanks to our amazing Gallagher associates who set the standard in daily performance, our growing passion for innovation, and consistent commitment to quality.

It’s during meetings like this that these tenets come into play and motivate the entire Gallagher team to continue moving forward, growing, and improving the experience for our associates and customers.

Thank you for an amazing 2018!





Route Service Representatives (RSRs) are the face of Gallagher. They are the individuals our customers see and interact with during uniform deliveries on a weekly basis. They get your garments, towels, mats and facility supplies from point A to B and form the personal relationships with customers that Gallagher is known for. So, what does a day in the life of a Route Service Rep look like? We’re here to give you an inside peek.

Preparation is Everything. The Evening Before

 The beginning of the cycle actually starts at the end of their shift! Before our RSRs head home, they load up all their deliveries for the next day. The garments have already been through our three-point inspection, cleaned, bundled and lined up for delivery. They prep the truck for the next morning and call it a day.

 Route Service Reps Do More Than Deliver Uniforms

RSRs arrive back the next morning and hit the ground running. They have pre-planned routes that rotate daily throughout the week, ensuring that your deliveries arrive on time on the day you expect them. (Remember, you can always use G-Trak Mobile to see when your uniforms are on their way.)

Upon arrival at your facility, the Reps unload and interact! As the main point of contact for our customers, RSRs don’t just drop and run. They stay, they talk and make sure that you’re totally satisfied. While there, they also look for any service requests left on the service board and address any unanswered questions you may have.

Route Service Representatives have their own form of G-Trak on the Go and are able to make changes to your uniform rental program while on route, which take effect immediately, not when they get back to the plant. This also allows them to always have the details of your account available, making it easy to answer questions and help in any way they can. Using G-Track on the Go, new orders, cancellations, size changes, replacements, and repairs can all be entered right on-site!

Before departure, RSRs collect all soiled uniforms that are ready to be washed or need repair and load those into the truck. On occasion, they also meet with any new employees, getting them measured and fitted for their new uniforms. Then it’s off to the next stop on the route, and so on and so forth.

Upon arrival back at the plant, they bring the dirty uniforms to the check-in team where they will get sorted for cleaning. Then they load the deliveries slated for the next day and high five each other on a job well done!

RSRs are an integral part of Gallagher Uniform. Many have been with us for years and over that time frame, have built some deep relationships with customers. For example, just last year we honored Route Service Rep, David Walker, with our ACE Employee of the Year award. For over 20 years, he has been our “boots on the ground”, meeting with customers every week and servicing their uniform rental needs. However, even more important than making complete, on-time deliveries every week, David specializes in making and keeping our customers happy. That’s what it all about in the end, maintaining a robust and reliable uniform rental program through weekly relationship and trust building.

So, the next time you see a Gallagher RSR in your building, stop and say hi! They would love to get to know you. And if you’re thinking about making the switch to Gallagher Uniform, contact us to learn more about our processes and approach to customer satisfaction.





Let’s be real: When it comes to an employee restroom, nobody likes running out of toilet paper – or soap for that matter! A commodity that isn’t missed until it’s gone, janitorial supplies like soap, paper towel and toilet tissue are things that may not be thought about on a daily basis but are very important nonetheless. Don’t get caught with your pants down – consider working with Gallagher Uniform to not only assist you with a structured uniform rental program but in facility maintenance supplies as well.

Clean Facilities Improve Workplace Morale and Overall Image

Keeping your cleansers, paper products and other supplies topped off lets your employees and on-site customers know that you care about your facility, their health, and well-being. It’s a silent signal of respect and something people expect from high-quality workplaces. But, keeping an eye on your janitorial supply inventory can be challenging, especially if it’s not naturally part of your everyday work routine. Good thing it’s part of ours!

Many customers count on our Route Service Representatives to deliver more than just uniforms. They also monitor facility service supplies every week, restocking and refilling as needed. With our team on the clock, you never need to worry about running out of the bare necessities.

Janitorial Supplies from Gallagher Uniform  

We carry a wide range of facility and janitorial supplies including:

  • Air fresheners with three scent options
  • Alco-gel hand sanitizer
  • Foam hand soap service
  • Industrial hand cleaner service
  • Toilet tissue – strong, soft and absorbent
  • Center pull paper towels & dispensers
  • Continuous roll towels
  • Nitrile and vinyl gloves

When you work with Gallagher, we guarantee your soaps never run out. That’s because we refill all dispensers on a tight and consistent schedule, attending to facility’s needs before you have to think about it. And don’t forget, we also have towels, mops and mats on-hand and available for our customers anytime. From clean mats and uniforms to clean hands and sanitary bathrooms, we keep your people and facility looking its very best!

Contact us to learn more about the brands we carry and how to make our facility services a part of your rental program today.



As large uniform companies across the nation have started relying on private label uniform suppliers, we’d like to take a minute to assure our customers about the brands Gallagher believes in and carries. Every uniform you rent or purchase from Gallagher has our stamp of approval based on quality manufacturing, comfort, and affordability.

Quality Inventory from a Uniform Rental Company That Cares

We carry a wide array of workwear from RedKap, a company that’s been creating comfortable, durable workwear since 1923. Today, they outfit more than 16 million Americans and with a “do things right” mentality, their shirts, pants, outerwear and more have never been better.

We also carry big names including WranglerDickiesBulwark (for fire-resistant garments) and a large selection of Sanmaruniform products. We’ve stocked our shelves with the best in clothing and outerwear, carrying anything and everything your workers may need to get their job done and look good doing it.

Keep Your Staff Looking Their Best with Custom Garments from Gallagher

Existing customers can purchase specialized apparel for their people anytime. Apparel such as an Eddie Bauer jacket, Nike golf polo shirt, or even a backpack can be purchased through us and customized with your company’s logo. These small gifts can make a big difference, boosting your staff’s morale and keeping employees happy.

We’ve also recently added North Face to our cold weather work gear and outerwear line up, providing customers with even more variety and guaranteeing a fashionable solution to every uniform challenge. Outerwear that’s customized by Gallagher Uniform to include your company’s colors and logo are an important component of your brand awareness strategy. They convert your employees into brand ambassadors, promoting your company anywhere they go!

From head to toe, Gallagher has you covered. Offering the best brand name clothing, flexible uniform programs and affordable prices – Gallagher should be on the short list of prospective uniform rental companies you want to partner with. See for yourself by exploring our online catalog of outerwear options and consider making the switch to Gallagher today! Get in touch to learn more about our competitive pricing, exceptional service, and uniform offerings.

At Gallagher Uniform, we are proud of our heritage and history! As a fifth-generation uniform rental company we share our story with everyone, and make sure that our current and prospective customers know that we are still independent and locally focused. But, did you know that, to us, local means more than Michigan? You can also see our signature Gallagher trucks and Route Service Representatives pounding the pavement throughout Northern Indiana, too!

Delivering Uniform Rental Programs in Northern Indiana with a Local Look and Feel

Gallagher supports small and large businesses with all their uniform rental needs in Fort Wayne, South Bend, Elkhart, and anywhere in between. We offer custom rental programs and products for every work environment, providing quality uniform and facility maintenance products that give your corporate image a boost and keep your facility looking its best!

We currently work with businesses in Food Manufacturing, Agri-Business, Animal Processing, and Steel/Manufacturing throughout Northern Indiana, and would be happy to add your specific industry and facility needs to the list!

Using our state-of-the-art G-Trak garment tracking system (and new RFID chip technology), our professional route service representatives provide 100% complete, on-time uniform and product deliveries in South Bend, Fort Wayne, and beyond.

Uniform Company Acquisitions and You

Over the last couple years, we’ve spoken with many of the businesses around Northern Indiana who have experienced the negative impacts industry acquisitions have had on their uniform rental programs. Many are less than satisfied with the recent changes – if you’re one of the hundreds of area businesses who have seen your uniform, mat or towel program change hands to a national provider recently, now may be the time to make the switch to Gallagher.

Our customer retention rate is 99 percent because to us, every single customer represents a valuable relationship, and our local, family-owned approach has been critical to maintaining each and every one. Customer relationships are central to our uniform rental programs and leading with outstanding service is part of our “Little Green Box” guarantee. It means you have a 100% guarantee that our service will be exceptional and we will be honest, fair and professional in every interaction with you and your employees.

If you’re in the market for a uniform rental company in Northern Indiana, contact the representatives at Gallagher Uniform – we are here to help!




It’s been an exciting year of growth here at Gallagher Uniform thanks, in large part, to our amazing sales team. They work hard to make sure that when you begin a uniform rental or facility service program with Gallagher, it’s easy, efficient and hassle-free from the start – and that you and your team are always looking their absolute best.

Please join us in welcoming our newest Sales Team Associates to the Gallagher family!

Katie Stewart, sales manager
A graduate of Western Michigan University’s nationally recognized sales program, Katie started with Gallagher in 2017 as a sales professional. She was recently promoted and is now leading our team as the sales manager. In her spare time, Katie enjoys horseback riding and coaching the WMU Equestrian Team, and has also been busy planning for her upcoming wedding.

Anthony Heppler, sales professional 
Grand Rapids West
Anthony also graduated from WMU’s sales program and is currently covering a territory from Grand Rapids to Holland, up to the Muskegon area. Anthony enjoys playing hockey and biking and aspires to coach hockey someday soon.

Carly Plant, sales professional
Grand Rapids East
Carly recently returned to Gallagher, and we are thrilled to have her back! She is covering eastern Grand Rapids, Lansing, and everything in between. Carly is recently married and enjoys going to church and working out in her free time.

Kacie Green, sales professional
South East
Kacie came to us recently with a degree from The University of Findlay and a background in sales and marketing. She is covering the east side of Kalamazoo to Jackson, down to Fort Wayne, IN. Kacie grew up in our hometown of Battle Creek – in fact, her family goes back 5 generations in southwest Michigan…sound familiar?

Kelsey Ciccone, sales professional
South West
Kelsey came to us through a connection with our sales manager, Katie. This is her first week on the road after training at our facility, so keep an eye out for her or give her a call. She’ll be covering a territory from Kalamazoo to the lakeshore, down to the South Bend / Elkhart area in Indiana. In her free time, Kelsey enjoys the outdoors, traveling and supporting WMU athletics (she participated in the dance team throughout her college career).

Our Sales Representatives are eager to meet you and learn about ways our unique approach and innovative solutions can work for you, your employees and your uniform rental programs. Feel free to contact Gallagher Uniform anytime, we are excited to learn more about your uniform and facility service needs, putting together a program that’s perfect for you.



Are you planning to open a new casino in West Michigan, Mid-Michigan, or Northern Indiana? Or maybe you’re an established casino interested in looking for a new uniform rental service provider. While there are many options available, we think you should “roll the dice” with Gallagher Uniform. But don’t worry, you can’t lose with us. Here’s why.

Full-service uniform rental makes everyone a winner.

We have the capacity, inventory, and capability to outfit every department within your casino with a customized, stylish look. From dealer uniforms to security, maintenance, operations and floor staff, front of house and back of house employees. Coordinated uniforms that properly represent the casino serve as an extension of that brand, creating a sense of professionalism and even luxury, for your customers. Gallagher maintains an extensive apparel catalog for front desk, office management, all-season outdoor staff, housekeeping, kitchen staff, and more.

Fit and style are never second-guessed

People come to casinos to kick back, have fun and indulge in good food and entertainment. Part of that allure resides in the perceptions your staff provides them. Casino staff should be fun-loving, professional, and knowledgeable no matter what their role is. While we can’t help you with personality, we can ensure that your team members will look good and even help them feel good with well-made uniforms that fit just right. From big n’ tall sizesto creating customized uniforms specific to your needs, we help convey an image of crispness and professionalism consistent with your casino’s image.

Dependability is a sure bet.

Questions and uncertainty regarding deliveries lead to unnecessary anxiety and eventual frustration – kinda the worst thing ever when it comes to working with a uniform rental company. Gallagher Uniform has put together a rental program based on dependability and technology, staving off those feelings of frustration and washing them away with today’s laundry. Using our online uniform management systemcalled G-Trak, we save time and improve communications at every level for customers. Using G-Trak, customers can access garment information for every employee, track deliveries to the minute, make size changes and repair requests, review garment inventories, make cancellations, and order a cheeseburger and fries! (Just kidding on that last part.) But seriously, the G-Trak online system and phone app makes the lives of both our route service representatives and our customers incredibly easy when it comes to clean laundry.

Gallagher Uniform has been in business for over 100 years (125 to be exact!) because we take the time to get to know our customers – what they do, how they work – and that is what has helped us become a trusted name in corporate uniform programs and facility services. We’re a sure thing!

Give us a call and we can show the wide array of options available to enhance your casino’s image and customer appeal.

Gallagher Uniform, because no one makes you look so good. Contact us here.





The Gallagher Family is pleased to announce Kevin Gallagher as the company’s new Plant Manager. Kevin will direct a team of more than 35 processing associates within the state-of-the-art uniform rental, laundry, and supply facility. A fifth generation Gallagher, Kevin will also continue to oversee all stockroom operations.

In his previous role as IT manager, Kevin supported and championed the company’s commitment to implementing innovative solutions that drive efficiency and exemplary customer service. This new position is representative of his hard work and dedication to the company to date.

“Kevin brings nearly 15 years of experience and an extensive familiarity with our plant operations,” says President John Gallagher, “his in-depth managerial know-how and approach to production excellence makes him a great fit and we are very excited to see what he will be able to accomplish in this new role.”

Kevin graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and received his MBA from Western Michigan University. He officially joined Gallagher Uniform in 2004 and has served several roles within the company, starting as a customer service representative and transitioning to stock room manager, production manager, and IT manager.

“We strive to provide all Gallagher Uniform customers with superior, individualized service, innovative rental programs and strong working relationships,” says John Gallagher. “I have no doubt that Kevin will continue to serve as an asset to this mission, helping us consistently improve plant production processes and better serve our growing customer base.”

 About Gallagher Uniform

Now celebrating its 125th year in business, Gallagher Uniform has been local, independent and family-owned since 1893. The company specializes in providing innovative uniform programs throughout southwest Michigan and northern Indiana, servicing many industries, from manufacturing to hospitality. Gallagher Uniform’s legacy is built upon a unique leadership model combining old-fashioned, personal service with today’s latest technologies. Dedication to continuous innovation to meet the uniform needs of customers has been the cornerstone of Gallagher Uniform’s success. For more information about them, please visit their website at


Gallagher Uniform has experienced some serious growth over the last few years by focusing on providing the best possible customer service experience for current customers and expanding large-scale capabilities for some exciting new customers –all while remaining local, independent and family-owned. But another big part of that growth has been due to our commitment to continually re-investing in our processes and equipment so we can keep up with the demand for our service.

We are excited to announce that we are adding new ultra-high frequency RFID chip tracking capabilities to our arsenal of innovative processes to further accommodate our growing customer base and continue providing the best possible uniform service.

What does ultra-high frequency RFID tracking even mean?

We know it’s a mouthful to say, but in short, we’re beefing up our already awesome G-Trak garment tracking system with something even “awesomer.” The new UHF chip system utilizes the latest technology available to bolster our commitment to guaranteed complete deliveries for all Gallagher customers.

That’s because at the heart of our G-Trak Certified tracking and sorting system are the RFID chips.  Combined with our immense database of garment history and reports, these chips can tell us – and our customers – everything we need to know about a garment and where it is in the rental cycle.


Let’s count the benefits of UHF chips together:

  1. More efficient: The new UHF technology can accurately read thousands of tags in a matter of seconds. These chips can also be read from up to ten feet away by our automatic garment scanners, which will mean a significant decrease in time spent manually scanning garments that may not read correctly on the first pass. This increased efficiency will play a huge role in allowing us to provide the same quality service our customers have come to expect as we continue to grow
  2. Smaller, Flexible Chips: UHF chips are much smaller and less noticeable than our previous ones because they are flexible and will bend with any movement you can throw at them – so put on your dancing shoes and give them a try!
  3. Easy Transition: The new chip readers will also read our old chips, so as we transition all customers over to this more advanced system, there won’t be any hiccups along the way.


Looking to the future, as we are prone to do, this new technology will also offer some other exciting possibilities after we have fully transitioned all our chips to the new system. For instance, we will be able to add an additional “checkpoint” the moment soiled garments enter our facility. This adds another layer of garment protection for our G-Trak Certification process, and it allows us, and our customers, to see exactly what was turned in on the same day it was picked up. If our system was airtight before, it’s going to be vacuum sealed with these new UHF scanning capabilities.

Plus, We Expanded our Automated Garment Sorting System!

So many good things are happening at once!

We’ve recently improved our long-standing facility located in Fort Custer Industrial Park with updated equipment and the expansion of our automated garment sorting system. We process thousands of garments per day and this system is crucial to making sure everything ends up in the right place, at the right time. The expansion essentially allows us to sort and store more garments at a time. That means a more efficient process and more time to focus on Gallagher customers – while creating capacity for new customers!

“We continue to compete with national uniform companies in our region and it’s through investments in technology, our facility, and our people that we are able to continue to grow while maintaining a 99% customer retention rate,”  said John Gallagher, president of Gallagher Uniform.

As the leading independent, family-owned uniform and laundry service provider in West Michigan and Northern Indiana, we’re growing faster than ever because of our passion for innovation and commitment to customer service. Both the ultra-high frequency RFID chip upgrade and the expanded garment sorting system allow us to continually expand our capabilities and our capacity. In fact, customers with 100 – 3,000 employees account for 50 percent of our volume! (Read more about our specialization in large account management here!)

We’ve been managing uniform rental programs of this magnitude for years, and will continue to do so through our determination to stay ahead of the game and invest in our facility and technology, making it easy for you to make the switch to Gallagher with confidence!


Gallagher Uniform is known for being family owned – 5 generations and 125 years strong. We’re also locally operated in Battle Creek, MI. Those are two distinctions we are proud of, but sometimes, because we are family owned and a local business, companies may assume that we can’t run with the big dogs; thinking we don’t have the capacity or know-how to handle large accounts. To put it simply – that assumption is incorrect. In fact, we specialize in handling large, complex accounts.

Just to give you an idea, of the hundreds of uniform programs we handle from West Michigan to northern Indiana, over half of our weekly volume comes from customers that have between 100 and 3,000 employees in uniform. We’ve been managing uniform programs of this magnitude for years, and during that time we’ve come to gain an unmatched level of expertise regarding many of the complexities that can come along with them.

Flexibility is our Middle Name

Our innovative uniform rental programs allow all our customers, whether specializing in pharmaceuticals, automotive, or food processing, to be flexible in their decision making and uniform needs. Over the years, as times have changed and our customers have grown, we’ve remained flexible enough to grow and adapt with them as well.

Our state-of-the-art plant in Battle Creek, MI is quite a sight to see. We take pride in keeping our plant looking great, just like our customers, and love it whenever we get the chance to take a customer (or a customer-to-be) on a plant tour. If you were to take the tour, one of the first things you would notice – aside from the massive laundry equipment – is just how many garments our facility can actually hold.

That’s because in 2014 we completed a major expansion of our plant. This expansion not only significantly increased our square footage and storage capacity, but it was also a strategic move to allow us to accommodate the needs of current and future food and pharmaceutical customers by further separating clean and soiled garments.

We’ve recently updated and expanded our automated garment sorting system as well, to increase efficiency and further accommodate our growing customer base. And, we are currently rolling out a brand new Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID Chip tracking system that will take garment tracking at Gallagher to the next level in speed and efficiency. The bottom line is, we have continued to re-invest in the company to ensure we can meet the needs of our current and future customers, of all sizes, all while remaining local and independent.

G-Trak & G-Trak Mobile: Garment Tracking for Everyone

While other uniform providers may say they track, our 24/7 online system known as G-Trak is a head above the rest. It has been fine-tuned over the years, specifically to meet the needs of our largest, most complex accounts. HR managers, accounting departments, and department managers love G-Trak because it makes their lives easier with live access to garment listings, invoices, employee cancel reports and more.

On top of that, our mobile service solution, G-Trak Mobile, gives every individual uniform wearer the ability to submit service requests for repairs, size changes and more, right from their phones. With these two solutions in place, whether we are servicing 5 people or 3,000 people, the amount of live information you’ll have available at your fingertips with Gallagher Uniform is absolutely unrivaled in our industry.

The key takeaway here is that we’ve developed and implemented industry-leading technology to handle large-scale laundering and facility service operations like no one else. Nothing falls through the cracks with Gallagher.

Partnerships that Provide a National Reach with a Local Feel

According to a recent survey, local, independently-owned uniform rental companies were twice as likely to exceed expectations when compared to large, national chains in categories like Timely Response, Complete Deliveries, and Overall Satisfaction. For large companies with locations around the country, using a national provider may seem like the only choice. But using Gallagher Uniform and our network of other qualified CSC providers for your uniform rental, mat service, and other facility needs, guarantees the local service and attention you’re looking for, whether your rental needs are spread across two states or 25 states.

The CSC Network (or National Alliance of Independent Launderers) represents 175 independent laundries nationwide that work together to provide large national accounts with a localized uniform rental service option. In addition to receiving great, local service, this option also offers the benefits of a consistent program from location to location and a streamlined decision-making process.

While small “mom and pop shops” will always hold a special place in our heart, we are fully capable and excited to take on larger accounts that are housed within Michigan and Indiana, or span across the country. Our technological capabilities and focus on customer care and flexibility, coupled with our extensive network of independently owned launderers, make us the perfect fit for accounts large and small.

Learn more about making the switch to Gallagher today!


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