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The Gallagher Family is pleased to announce Kevin Gallagher as the company’s new Plant Manager. Kevin will direct a team of more than 35 processing associates within the state-of-the-art uniform rental, laundry, and supply facility. A fifth generation Gallagher, Kevin will also continue to oversee all stockroom operations.

In his previous role as IT manager, Kevin supported and championed the company’s commitment to implementing innovative solutions that drive efficiency and exemplary customer service. This new position is representative of his hard work and dedication to the company to date.

“Kevin brings nearly 15 years of experience and an extensive familiarity with our plant operations,” says President John Gallagher, “his in-depth managerial know-how and approach to production excellence makes him a great fit and we are very excited to see what he will be able to accomplish in this new role.”

Kevin graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and received his MBA from Western Michigan University. He officially joined Gallagher Uniform in 2004 and has served several roles within the company, starting as a customer service representative and transitioning to stock room manager, production manager, and IT manager.

“We strive to provide all Gallagher Uniform customers with superior, individualized service, innovative rental programs and strong working relationships,” says John Gallagher. “I have no doubt that Kevin will continue to serve as an asset to this mission, helping us consistently improve plant production processes and better serve our growing customer base.”

 About Gallagher Uniform

Now celebrating its 125th year in business, Gallagher Uniform has been local, independent and family-owned since 1893. The company specializes in providing innovative uniform programs throughout southwest Michigan and northern Indiana, servicing many industries, from manufacturing to hospitality. Gallagher Uniform’s legacy is built upon a unique leadership model combining old-fashioned, personal service with today’s latest technologies. Dedication to continuous innovation to meet the uniform needs of customers has been the cornerstone of Gallagher Uniform’s success. For more information about them, please visit their website at


Gallagher Uniform has experienced some serious growth over the last few years by focusing on providing the best possible customer service experience for current customers and expanding large-scale capabilities for some exciting new customers –all while remaining local, independent and family-owned. But another big part of that growth has been due to our commitment to continually re-investing in our processes and equipment so we can keep up with the demand for our service.

We are excited to announce that we are adding new ultra-high frequency RFID chip tracking capabilities to our arsenal of innovative processes to further accommodate our growing customer base and continue providing the best possible uniform service.

What does ultra-high frequency RFID tracking even mean?

We know it’s a mouthful to say, but in short, we’re beefing up our already awesome G-Trak garment tracking system with something even “awesomer.” The new UHF chip system utilizes the latest technology available to bolster our commitment to guaranteed complete deliveries for all Gallagher customers.

That’s because at the heart of our G-Trak Certified tracking and sorting system are the RFID chips.  Combined with our immense database of garment history and reports, these chips can tell us – and our customers – everything we need to know about a garment and where it is in the rental cycle.


Let’s count the benefits of UHF chips together:

  1. More efficient: The new UHF technology can accurately read thousands of tags in a matter of seconds. These chips can also be read from up to ten feet away by our automatic garment scanners, which will mean a significant decrease in time spent manually scanning garments that may not read correctly on the first pass. This increased efficiency will play a huge role in allowing us to provide the same quality service our customers have come to expect as we continue to grow
  2. Smaller, Flexible Chips: UHF chips are much smaller and less noticeable than our previous ones because they are flexible and will bend with any movement you can throw at them – so put on your dancing shoes and give them a try!
  3. Easy Transition: The new chip readers will also read our old chips, so as we transition all customers over to this more advanced system, there won’t be any hiccups along the way.


Looking to the future, as we are prone to do, this new technology will also offer some other exciting possibilities after we have fully transitioned all our chips to the new system. For instance, we will be able to add an additional “checkpoint” the moment soiled garments enter our facility. This adds another layer of garment protection for our G-Trak Certification process, and it allows us, and our customers, to see exactly what was turned in on the same day it was picked up. If our system was airtight before, it’s going to be vacuum sealed with these new UHF scanning capabilities.

Plus, We Expanded our Automated Garment Sorting System!

So many good things are happening at once!

We’ve recently improved our long-standing facility located in Fort Custer Industrial Park with updated equipment and the expansion of our automated garment sorting system. We process thousands of garments per day and this system is crucial to making sure everything ends up in the right place, at the right time. The expansion essentially allows us to sort and store more garments at a time. That means a more efficient process and more time to focus on Gallagher customers – while creating capacity for new customers!

“We continue to compete with national uniform companies in our region and it’s through investments in technology, our facility, and our people that we are able to continue to grow while maintaining a 99% customer retention rate,”  said John Gallagher, president of Gallagher Uniform.

As the leading independent, family-owned uniform and laundry service provider in West Michigan and Northern Indiana, we’re growing faster than ever because of our passion for innovation and commitment to customer service. Both the ultra-high frequency RFID chip upgrade and the expanded garment sorting system allow us to continually expand our capabilities and our capacity. In fact, customers with 100 – 3,000 employees account for 50 percent of our volume! (Read more about our specialization in large account management here!)

We’ve been managing uniform rental programs of this magnitude for years, and will continue to do so through our determination to stay ahead of the game and invest in our facility and technology, making it easy for you to make the switch to Gallagher with confidence!


Gallagher Uniform is known for being family owned – 5 generations and 125 years strong. We’re also locally operated in Battle Creek, MI. Those are two distinctions we are proud of, but sometimes, because we are family owned and a local business, companies may assume that we can’t run with the big dogs; thinking we don’t have the capacity or know-how to handle large accounts. To put it simply – that assumption is incorrect. In fact, we specialize in handling large, complex accounts.

Just to give you an idea, of the hundreds of uniform programs we handle from West Michigan to northern Indiana, over half of our weekly volume comes from customers that have between 100 and 3,000 employees in uniform. We’ve been managing uniform programs of this magnitude for years, and during that time we’ve come to gain an unmatched level of expertise regarding many of the complexities that can come along with them.

Flexibility is our Middle Name

Our innovative uniform rental programs allow all our customers, whether specializing in pharmaceuticals, automotive, or food processing, to be flexible in their decision making and uniform needs. Over the years, as times have changed and our customers have grown, we’ve remained flexible enough to grow and adapt with them as well.

Our state-of-the-art plant in Battle Creek, MI is quite a sight to see. We take pride in keeping our plant looking great, just like our customers, and love it whenever we get the chance to take a customer (or a customer-to-be) on a plant tour. If you were to take the tour, one of the first things you would notice – aside from the massive laundry equipment – is just how many garments our facility can actually hold.

That’s because in 2014 we completed a major expansion of our plant. This expansion not only significantly increased our square footage and storage capacity, but it was also a strategic move to allow us to accommodate the needs of current and future food and pharmaceutical customers by further separating clean and soiled garments.

We’ve recently updated and expanded our automated garment sorting system as well, to increase efficiency and further accommodate our growing customer base. And, we are currently rolling out a brand new Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID Chip tracking system that will take garment tracking at Gallagher to the next level in speed and efficiency. The bottom line is, we have continued to re-invest in the company to ensure we can meet the needs of our current and future customers, of all sizes, all while remaining local and independent.

G-Trak & G-Trak Mobile: Garment Tracking for Everyone

While other uniform providers may say they track, our 24/7 online system known as G-Trak is a head above the rest. It has been fine-tuned over the years, specifically to meet the needs of our largest, most complex accounts. HR managers, accounting departments, and department managers love G-Trak because it makes their lives easier with live access to garment listings, invoices, employee cancel reports and more.

On top of that, our mobile service solution, G-Trak Mobile, gives every individual uniform wearer the ability to submit service requests for repairs, size changes and more, right from their phones. With these two solutions in place, whether we are servicing 5 people or 3,000 people, the amount of live information you’ll have available at your fingertips with Gallagher Uniform is absolutely unrivaled in our industry.

The key takeaway here is that we’ve developed and implemented industry-leading technology to handle large-scale laundering and facility service operations like no one else. Nothing falls through the cracks with Gallagher.

Partnerships that Provide a National Reach with a Local Feel

According to a recent survey, local, independently-owned uniform rental companies were twice as likely to exceed expectations when compared to large, national chains in categories like Timely Response, Complete Deliveries, and Overall Satisfaction. For large companies with locations around the country, using a national provider may seem like the only choice. But using Gallagher Uniform and our network of other qualified CSC providers for your uniform rental, mat service, and other facility needs, guarantees the local service and attention you’re looking for, whether your rental needs are spread across two states or 25 states.

The CSC Network (or National Alliance of Independent Launderers) represents 175 independent laundries nationwide that work together to provide large national accounts with a localized uniform rental service option. In addition to receiving great, local service, this option also offers the benefits of a consistent program from location to location and a streamlined decision-making process.

While small “mom and pop shops” will always hold a special place in our heart, we are fully capable and excited to take on larger accounts that are housed within Michigan and Indiana, or span across the country. Our technological capabilities and focus on customer care and flexibility, coupled with our extensive network of independently owned launderers, make us the perfect fit for accounts large and small.

Learn more about making the switch to Gallagher today!



In this case, the title says it all. At Gallagher Uniform, our apparel and uniform rental program is sized for style and fit for function. Our family leadership team runs five generations deep and over the years we’ve developed a legacy around offering top quality uniforms that are sized on site and made to be functional, but also fashionable. These aspects, function, and style, are key to our reputation of customer retention, loyalty, and satisfaction. So let’s break this blog title down, shall we?

Sized for Style

Gallagher specializes in men’s and women’s uniforms that are the right fit for the job. We carry a wide range of sizes and styles for almost any industry and pride ourselves on going the extra mile to make sure we have inventory prepped for any physical frame. For example, our Big n’ Tall men’s and women’s uniform options include dress shirts, polo shirts, slacks, shorts, outerwear, and durable work shirts made specifically to serve the needs of everyone. Size ranges may vary from one style to another, but most of our men’s work uniforms and business casual apparel feature regular and extra-long sleeve options and sizes up to 4XL, or sometimes higher. No one is a fan of high water pants and ¾ sleeve shirts after all.

Speaking of style, we’ve also added The North Faceto our roster of clothing brands! While we already offered a variety of high-end clothing brand names including Ogio, Nike, Eddie Bauer, and Port Authority, adding North Face to our line-up provides customers with even more variety, guaranteeing a fashionable solution to every uniform challenge. Besides, you want your employees to wantto wear company supplied apparel, not the other way around. The way to secure staff buy-in (dare we say excitement?) around company issued uniforms and outwear is to make it look good and fit well from the beginning.

Fit for Function

When you participate in a full-service uniform rental program, we make it easy for your supervisor and employees to make the switch.

  • First, a Gallagher Uniform Sales Representative will help you determine the best program for your needs. We’ll even bring sample garments to your location and help you pick out uniforms that will portray your company image the best and function exactly the way you want them to.
  • We will collect any company logo or artwork needed for emblems, direct embroidery or logo mats.
  • Our goal is to take the worry out of uniform rental and reduce your list of to-dos.
    That’s why instead of asking you to get specific sizing measurements, or worse, asking your staff to get them on their own (Honey, I need you to measure my chest!), your dedicated Route Service Supervisor will measure your employees for their brand new uniforms on-site, at a time that’s convenient for everyone. Your staff can try on certain shirt and pants sizes right there, determining the perfect fit for them.
  • We provide training to your employees on how our program works and how to request repairs using our G-Trak System.
  • Lastly, your assigned Route Service Representative will make your first delivery and every scheduled delivery for the weeks to come will be done by the same person.

At Gallagher, we understand that a professional appearance begins with clothing that fits properly. As your employees change in size or as you onboard additional staff, your Route Service Representative can easily resize or perform introductory measurements when making deliveries week after week. That makes for a predictable and routine rental schedule – and provides peace of mind for everyone.

We invite you to explore our online catalog of apparel options and consider making the switch to Gallagher today! Get in touch to learn more about our competitive pricing, exceptional service, and uniform offerings.



At Gallagher Uniform, we are all about keeping your mats and uniforms looking great, your facility supplies topped off, and above all, keeping you happy. And to do that we understand that, as cliché as the phrase may be, communication is absolutely key. That’s why we use a number of different communication methods to keep our customers in the know, including our G-Trak Mobile App, text message, and email updates, Route Service Representatives, Route Service Supervisors, and Service Boards. That’s a lot, right?

So, let’s simplify things a bit and focus on how to use just one aspect of our communication system that, in a way, brings all of it together – the on-site service boards, and service repair cards.

Gallagher Service Boards

Let’s get old school, bulletin board-style because that’s essentially what a Gallagher service board is. Our service boards are posted on-site, and function as an easy way to communicate directly with all customers. We know when it comes to communication, that for some people it’s “the simpler, the better.” That’s why we start with this most basic, yet effective form of communication for every customer we begin servicing.

Key Components of a Service Board

RSR Introduction

Front and center on the service board we introduce you to your business’ Gallagher Route Service Representative (RSR). Your RSR will be at your account every week, ready to handle new orders, cancelations, size changes, new measurements, replacements, and repairs. We also include their phone number and email, so you can contact them anytime.

And while most of your employees won’t see them in-person as often as their RSR, each of our customers also have a dedicated Route Service Supervisor (RSS) too. The RSS will be there to check in periodically, see how things are going, and if there’s anything we can do to make working with Gallagher even easier. But our RSS’s are also only a call or email away, and we include their contact information on the board as well. They’ll also be able to help with any questions regarding cancellations, replacements, new employees and more.

Service Request Cards

 These are available for employees to fill out should they need a repair to be made to their garment. You need the following information to fill this out completely:\

  • Date, the name of the company, and your name. (Easy!)
  • Garment label number (6 digits located on the back collar of the piece of clothing, directly to the left of the employee’s last name).
  • Barcode number (an 8-digit code located just above your garment label number and underneath the barcode). Please list barcode serial numbers for each garment that needs attention if there are more than one.

After filling in that information, just specify the kind of repair item it is and check the appropriate repair description.

Leave the completed service request card in the designated space on the service board and your Route Service Representative will pick it up the next time he is in. Either your RSR or another member of our service team will then enter your request into our G-Trak system, which flags the garment to be pulled aside by our automated sorting system for inspection the very next time it is washed. With this system, there is no risk of your request being lost (or washed) in the laundry.

Announcements, Useful Information, And More

Our new service boards also include a “wild card” section that will change from time to time, depending on what is most relevant or useful at the time for your employees. For new, large accounts with many employees (we specialize in handling these accounts, by the way) it is typically helpful to have the employee roster with garments ID’s posted to the service board to help familiarize your employees with how and where to find their garments for a few months. If there is a holiday coming up and your delivery date is going to be different than usual, we’ll post it here as well.

Don’t Forget About G-Trak

Remember, our G-Trak Mobile App is designed to do all of the above and more! It makes garment tracking easy for everyone, removing the stress of uniform maintenance and guaranteeing on-time and accurate deliveries. While our service boards have been and will continue to be an incredibly useful tool for us and our customers, G-Trak Mobile takes it to the next level in efficiency – and that is always a good thing!

At Gallagher, we care about communication. We make every effort possible to connect with our customers and keep our relationships moving in the right direction. If you ever have any concerns, questions, or suggestions, please reach out! We would love to hear from you.


Boost Employee Morale with Custom Logo Apparel

Employee morale is a big deal; it describes the overall outlook, attitude, satisfaction, and confidence that employees feel at work. In other words, employees that feel valued by the company’s leadership and believe their daily contributions make a difference to the overall success of the business will inherently be more productive. So, keep your employees happy – but how, you ask?

There are hundreds of articles, both scholarly and otherwise, online about how to boost employee morale. We aren’t claiming to be an expert on the subject, but we know one sure-fire way to put a smile on the faces of your employees. Recognize them in different ways and for different reasons throughout the year with custom apparel from Gallagher Uniform, embroidered with your logo!

We may already provide uniform rental services or various facility and janitorial supplies to your business, but we also maintain an extensive online catalog with tons of awesome apparel and accessories that can be customized with your logo (for current customers), ready to order, and perfect for employee recognition events and company morale campaigns. (Check out this blog on gift-giving from Gallagherfor an inside look at a few select items perfect for your staff.)

Employee Morale Campaign Ideas

Sure, it’s nice to get a free embroidered scarf or tote bag just because, but the key to boosting employee morale is to be a bit strategic about it. Here are a couple ways to use our Gallagher’s customized apparel capabilities in your place of business.

Wellness and Safety Initiatives

Pair a fun or helpful wellness program with a quality apparel giveaway. Health programs such as a weight loss challenge, smoking cessation class, group fitness class, on-site physicals, even an essential oil how-to workshop (those are all the rage right now, right?) set the stage for comradery and relationship building. Classes or initiatives like these show your employees that you care about them and value their health and well-being, and something as simple as providing the group with matching t-shirts or baseball hats goes a long way towards influencing employee investment in each other and the program.

The same can be said for staff safety initiatives. Nobody wants to sit through a 3-hour online group tutorial or video safety course, but they are certainly necessary. How about livening the session up with raffle jacket giveaways at the end of the class or on an hourly basis? Thread in some fun and give your staff a mental break or two along the way to keep them engaged and interested.

Employee Milestone Recognition

Everyone needs a pat on the back now and then. Instead of getting donuts for everyone on workiversaries or blasting out a mass email congratulating Phil on his promotion and calling it good, give your people something that will last. We know that nobody needs another keychain or drink koozie, but how about a high-quality Eddie Bauer jacket, a Nike Golf polo shirt, or a sleek new messenger bag or backpack? We offer

Gallagher offers an extensive line of options from other top brands like The North Face, Ogio, and New Era, so the possibilities are endless. Take a moment to peruse our online catalog to see for yourself. If you’re unsure of the options surrounding a specific style or gift, just contact us. We’ll work with you to make sure what you order is exactly what you’re looking for.

People love free stuff, but you know what sweetens the deal? Giving them something they’ll actually use and enjoy for years to come. That’s where we can help. And while your employees are walking around looking great with their new swag, the cherry on top is that it’s got your company logo featured prominently as well, making them a walking billboard for your company everywhere they go.

Think of Gallagher when planning your next company outing, employee anniversary celebrations, or wellness initiative. We are here to help you show appreciation to your employees year-round.



As Gallagher Uniform has grown from our humble beginnings in 1893 to a reputable and well-known uniform rental facility, we have been able to remain independent, family-owned and operated for the last 125 years for several reasons. We won’t dive into ALL of them now, but do want to focus on one important industrial association that has allowed us to grow and expand, while remaining independent – the CSC Network.

The CSC Network – 175 independent rental laundries in one place.  

The CSC Network (aka The National Alliance of Independent Launderers) is about partnership and sustainability. A network of more than 175 independent retail laundries in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, all members benefit by becoming more competitive and by strengthening their purchasing power through an elevated economy of scale. From our perspective this is great, we are able to exchange in best practice dialogue and work with approved vendors who offer the best products, service, and pricing in our industry – and we pass that savings on to you, our customers.

Think of it as your local grocery store compared to the big national chains. The service is generally much better and more personal when you go with the local option, plus it just feels good shopping at a store that you know is locally owned and operated. But it can be difficult for the local store to compete with the national chain when it comes to price, which is why so many end up begrudgingly shopping at a big box store every week. The CSC Network is essentially a big band of local laundries who, together, can continue to offer great local service AND compete with the national providers on pricing and available options. But that’s not even the best part.

This national network allows Gallagher customers to receive local service in multiple locations across the U.S.

While we are based out of Battle Creek, Michigan, and lead the way in service for customers in mid-Michigan, West Michigan, and Northern Indiana, through the CSC Network our reach is extended even further. If your office, warehouse, or manufacturing facility is one of many hubs scattered throughout the country, wouldn’t it be nice to receive all the benefits a local uniform and laundry provider can offer for every location instead of feeling pressured to go with a national provider?

Yeah, that sounds great but working with multiple laundry rental companies sounds confusing…

Understandable, so here are a few more details that should clear things up a bit.

Gallagher would serve as the single point of contact for every locations’ uniform rental needs.

Whether your rental needs are spread across two states or 25 states, using Gallagher Uniform and our network of other qualified CSC providers for your uniform rental, mat service, and other facility needs would simplify things with:

  • One decision-making process: Each of your locations could spend hours upon hours vetting out and comparing multiple national and local providers. That’s why many companies opt for the “easy” and time-saving decision to go with a national provider with locations around the country – so they get one pricing structure, one service agreement, and only have to make one decision. When Gallagher partners up with other CSC Network providers, you get the exact same benefit. We can even serve as your company’s single point of contact for billing, simplifying things even further.


  • Consistency: At Gallagher, we love consistency. It’s one of the key benefits of going with a uniform program in the first place. Through the CSC Network, we and our partners from around the country can put together a consistent program of garments for you since we all have access to the same supplier network as well. That means every one of your employees around the country looks great day-in and day-out. Isn’t that refreshing to think about?


  • Local service and attention: It seems like just about everything is going online these days. But unfortunately you can’t attach your dirty laundry to an e-mail just yet, and having it shipped to different depots around the country isn’t much of an alternative either. Laundry is one of those services you’re just better off going local with. Choosing to go with Gallagher Uniform and our CSC Network partners means if an employee from any of your locations is in need of a repair or a replacement, it’s all done locally – and that means faster turnaround times.


If you are a company who does have multiple locations and sees the value behind locally owned operations, this is how you can have your cake (or awesome uniform rental services in this case) and eat it too!

We skimmed the surface of our involvement in the CSC Network, so please know that if you want to learn more about our association membership and how that could benefit your business, you can reach out to our Gallagher representative anytime. We are always available to field questions, learn about your company’s rental needs, and find the solution that “fits” you perfectly.








We are very excited to announce the recent graduations of Cory Bracy and Josh Eichler from the Performance Matters High Performance Team(HPT) Coaches Clinic Service Leadership Training. That’s a long title, we know, but it represents a significant milestone in our team’s professional development journey – and we are very proud of these two associates!

High Performance Team Coaches Clinic

As part of this clinic, both Cory and Josh experienced rigorous training designed specifically for the Textile Rental & Service Industry. The Coaches Clinic and HPT training platform provides leaders within our service team with the tools necessary to take the next step in delivering world-class service for our customers and to advance Gallagher’s competitive edge as the premiere provider in mid and southwest Michigan and northern Indiana.  Josh graduated in 2017 and Cory finished up his training in early 2018.

“The overall goal is to train managers and supervisors to compete against national brands in the industry,” said Josh. “It’s all about networking, sharing ideas and processes that have made a difference and/or built a strong foundation for the independents.”

Cory mentioned that, “Performance Matters Coaches Clinic was not your cookie cutter seminar. In this clinic we experienced a high level of participation in group discussions and team building activities. The goal of Performance Matters is to take these learned skills and tactics and apply them within our route service teams.”

Not Your Typical Training

Over the course of the program, the Coaches Clinic graduates received classroom training along with over 240 Service training lessons housed in the HPT Online Training platform, delivering an overall learning experience unmatched in the industry. Coaches moved through each class segment with designated teams throughout the training series, completing all classes together, fostering individual and team accountability. Only those who complete the program graduate, earning a certification which is becoming a standard in the industry for Service Training.

“The opportunity to meet others in the industry and the chance to really spend some time with them, was an aspect of this clinic I enjoyed the most,” said Josh. “There was always a conversation going on that you could relate to and learn from. The networking is going to be a priceless tool and a huge factor in my growth within this industry.”

Sharing With Our Service Team

Both graduates came out of the program excited to share and implement some of the new tools they learned, along with the online learning program from HPT, with the rest of the Gallagher Uniform Service Team. “I have a renewed commitment to building an even stronger team,” said Cory. “Once we have the program up and running for our RSRs, we will be leaning on each other more and holding one another to a new level of accountability.”

Josh and Cory both agree that out of all of the seminars Gallagher Uniform has sent them to, the HPT Coaches Clinic taught them the most. Not only did they gain a lot of valuable knowledge from attending the classes, but they will also continue to learn from the HPT staff and all of the connections made through HPT.

“I think the knowledge that the staff brings to the table and the methods they use to pass it along, is second to none,” said Josh.

Again, we are very proud of Cory and Josh on their graduation from such a valuable and time-intensive program. At Gallagher,we truly value professional development and believe that continuous learning and positive create the cornerstone of our current and future success.







While it may seem like people have worn the same uniform style year after year, especially in the automotive industry, times have changed. We should know – Gallagher has been in business for 125 years exactly! Walking down memory lane is pretty easy for us as a family-owned business. We honor the memory of many family members by telling their stories and continuing the traditions they began. The automotive sector has always used uniforms, (shop towels, too) but the look and style of the uniforms have most certainly changed. Let’s take a look at the evolution of uniforms for the automotive industry over time.

Uniform Changes in the Automotive Industry

Since the beginning, uniforms for this specific industry, and any manufacturing job for that matter have needed to protect people from mishap and be very durable. Moving from denim to cotton and now more recently, increasingly tough, rip-stop fabric.

Though the cars people both assemble and repair have changed drastically, a few key features and components have largely stayed the same – engine, brakes, exhaust, etc. This could also be said for the uniforms. An automotive technician uniform still often includes easily accessible utility pockets as well as the classic name and company logo emblems on the shirt, while ensuring the safety and natural comfort level of the uniform-wearer.

In the beginning, “coveralls” were the thing to do. A jumpsuit of sorts, coveralls protect an employee’s arms, legs, and actual clothing from getting grease stained and dirty. And they worked! That’s why some auto techs still use them. They are comfortable and protect your underclothes from unwanted grease and oil.

Automotive workers eventually moved away from the coverall look, instead opting for long-sleeve, thick material work shirts with pants or jeans. This more flexible option allows for the freedom to choose a custom pant/shirt combination that represents your brand, while still presenting a unified look to customers and other workers.

Uniforms of Today

Richard J. Lerman, the former president of the North American Association of Uniform Manufacturers & Distributors, shared with Apparel Magazine his take on the next step in uniform fashion saying:

“Fashion will remain a key factor in the apparel worn by workers in all corporate-owned facilities. Less formal outfits, without ties for men, will likely continue. Fun and comfort will be the focus.”

Today, auto technicians can choose from a wide range of uniforms including industrial work pants, short or long-sleeved shirts in a variety colors or combinations, coveralls, and even jackets to complete their uniform in colder months. At Gallagher Uniform, we specialize in providing automotive uniform programs that expertly outfit the automotive trades industry with custom, high-quality automotive work uniforms designed specifically for the rigorous demands of the technician.

Whether machinists, installers, technicians, line workers, office staff, or customer facing sellers, Gallagher Uniform has the workwear solutions and uniform rental programs to meet the needs of your business. We offer an entire line of Automotive Technician & Mechanic Uniform Programs, contact us today to learn more.




St. Patrick’s Day 2018 included a lot of talk about the luck of the Irish and celebrating all things green. But this year, Gallagher Uniform added to our annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration by kicking off our 125th year in business!

We’re here for the long run.

In an age where national chains and online competition seem to be pushing out local businesses more and more, Gallagher Uniform has a different story. Founded as Detroit Waste Works in 1893 by John C. Gallagher, the company opened a facility in Battle Creek In 1937 under John’s son, Norman Gallagher.

In 1947, Norman’s son, Ronald Gallagher, joined the third-generation laundry and Ronald’s four sons and current owners, Mike, Dan, Pat, and John all joined the company between 1977 and 1982. In the early 2000s, Mike’s sons, Chris and Kevin joined as well, representing the fifth generation of family leadership.

While many family-owned businesses may struggle to make it beyond a second or third generation, Gallagher Uniform has been defying the odds.  In fact, the company has been significantly outperforming the industry average in growth.

Gallagher Uniform President John Gallagher shared, “The tenants and values of the company that began with our founder, and great-grandfather, John C. Gallagher still ring true today. We’ve been able to build a culture of success and forward thinking over the years that has allowed us to expand and grow beyond expectation – all while remaining local and independent. That’s something we’re very proud of here.”

Focus on Customer Service

Much of our success can be attributed to a strong focus on customer service – evidenced by a 99% customer retention rate last year, far above the industry average as well.

John Gallagher added, “Our ability to respond with a phone call from the owner means a lot to our customers. Whether it’s a local auto dealer or part of a global manufacturing company, we deliver the best service to all our customers.”

We are also an industry leader when it comes to utilizing the latest technology to increase efficiency and effectiveness, even introducing the industry’s first mobile app, G-Trak Mobile in 2016.

According to Owner Dan Gallagher, “It’s been both exciting and challenging to match our business growth with plant and equipment capacity. With our recent building addition, new washer and dryer purchases, and a new extension to our uniform RFID chip sorting system, we are all set to handle the expected future growth of sales.”

125th Anniversary Kick Off

We kicked off the 125th Anniversary the week of St. Patrick’s Day by sharing shamrock plants with customers, a twenty-year tradition at Gallagher. Many customers have kept their Shamrocks over the years, combining plants or adding to the collection as a friendly reminder from Gallagher Uniform that they value their business.


St. Patrick's Day Celebration


The kick-off also included a company St. Patrick’s Day party, celebrating the occasion with all Gallagher Associates during lunch on March 16th. The event featured corned beef sandwiches cooked by the Gallaghers themselves, a live performance of Irish songs, and more. To learn more about Gallagher Uniform and the company’s history, visit us online! 

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