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How Uniform Rental Works

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Our goal is to take all the stress and aggravation out of rental uniform management. When it comes to offering company uniforms, we have consistently invested in technology and processes that literally take all the work and worry out of your day. It’s a simple and no-nonsense approach:

  • We take care of ALL your uniform needs.
  • You DON’T waste time and money.
  • You won’t have the expense of buying uniforms, buying equipment to clean them, paying people to track them, and the ongoing expense to repair them.


  • Garment Processing. You wear, we clean.  We pick up your uniform garments, put them through our state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly laundry processing plant, and deliver them back looking their absolute best.
  • Uniform Repairs. We see it, we fix it. If you have a broken button, ripped pants, a small hole, a loose hem, etc, we will fix it, no questions asked. We inspect items consistently, and you’re also able to report repair needs via G-Trak.
  • Uniform uniforms. We have a 3 point inspection process to make sure that every garment we deliver looks good and consistent.  If not, it’s replaced!
  • Inventory Management. We’re on it. Barcode and RFID chip technology allows us to track and monitor every garment, with clear, up to the minute report availability.

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