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Published: August 10, 2018


Gallagher Uniform has experienced some serious growth over the last few years by focusing on providing the best possible customer service experience for current customers and expanding large-scale capabilities for some exciting new customers –all while remaining local, independent and family-owned. But another big part of that growth has been due to our commitment to continually re-investing in our processes and equipment so we can keep up with the demand for our service.

We are excited to announce that we are adding new ultra-high frequency RFID chip tracking capabilities to our arsenal of innovative processes to further accommodate our growing customer base and continue providing the best possible uniform service.

What does ultra-high frequency RFID tracking even mean?

We know it’s a mouthful to say, but in short, we’re beefing up our already awesome G-Trak garment tracking system with something even “awesomer.” The new UHF chip system utilizes the latest technology available to bolster our commitment to guaranteed complete deliveries for all Gallagher customers.

That’s because at the heart of our G-Trak Certified tracking and sorting system are the RFID chips.  Combined with our immense database of garment history and reports, these chips can tell us – and our customers – everything we need to know about a garment and where it is in the rental cycle.


Let’s count the benefits of UHF chips together:

  1. More efficient: The new UHF technology can accurately read thousands of tags in a matter of seconds. These chips can also be read from up to ten feet away by our automatic garment scanners, which will mean a significant decrease in time spent manually scanning garments that may not read correctly on the first pass. This increased efficiency will play a huge role in allowing us to provide the same quality service our customers have come to expect as we continue to grow
  2. Smaller, Flexible Chips: UHF chips are much smaller and less noticeable than our previous ones because they are flexible and will bend with any movement you can throw at them – so put on your dancing shoes and give them a try!
  3. Easy Transition: The new chip readers will also read our old chips, so as we transition all customers over to this more advanced system, there won’t be any hiccups along the way.


Looking to the future, as we are prone to do, this new technology will also offer some other exciting possibilities after we have fully transitioned all our chips to the new system. For instance, we will be able to add an additional “checkpoint” the moment soiled garments enter our facility. This adds another layer of garment protection for our G-Trak Certification process, and it allows us, and our customers, to see exactly what was turned in on the same day it was picked up. If our system was airtight before, it’s going to be vacuum sealed with these new UHF scanning capabilities.

Plus, We Expanded our Automated Garment Sorting System!

So many good things are happening at once!

We’ve recently improved our long-standing facility located in Fort Custer Industrial Park with updated equipment and the expansion of our automated garment sorting system. We process thousands of garments per day and this system is crucial to making sure everything ends up in the right place, at the right time. The expansion essentially allows us to sort and store more garments at a time. That means a more efficient process and more time to focus on Gallagher customers – while creating capacity for new customers!

“We continue to compete with national uniform companies in our region and it’s through investments in technology, our facility, and our people that we are able to continue to grow while maintaining a 99% customer retention rate,”  said John Gallagher, president of Gallagher Uniform.

As the leading independent, family-owned uniform and laundry service provider in West Michigan and Northern Indiana, we’re growing faster than ever because of our passion for innovation and commitment to customer service. Both the ultra-high frequency RFID chip upgrade and the expanded garment sorting system allow us to continually expand our capabilities and our capacity. In fact, customers with 100 – 3,000 employees account for 50 percent of our volume! (Read more about our specialization in large account management here!)

We’ve been managing uniform rental programs of this magnitude for years, and will continue to do so through our determination to stay ahead of the game and invest in our facility and technology, making it easy for you to make the switch to Gallagher with confidence!


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