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Work Uniforms For The Energy & Oil Industry

Oil, Gas, Wind, Mining and More

Roots that run deep into the industrial age have prepared us to clean and maintain just about any type of uniform, especially those for oil, gas and mining industries.

Whether you are looking for basic industrial work uniforms that your crew doesn’t have to clean or safety and flame resistant uniforms, Gallagher delivers. Comfort, functionality, and durability of your employees uniforms is critical. After all, if garments don’t fit or aren’t comfortable they won’t be worn. We are experts laundering the special fabrics and garments that protect your workers.

And, you can count on us to inspect and monitor all uniforms so that repairs and replacements are made when they are needed, if not before. Your crew works hard, and deserves peace of mind when it comes to what they wear each day.

Gallagher has a full line of specialty uniforms specifically designed to protect your employees and keep them safe.


  • Arc-Rated Shirt Jackets
  • ANSI Certified Hi-Visibility Shirts
  • Flame Resistant Work Pants
  • Flame Resistant Uniform Shirts

The energy industry has a lot of potentially hazardous work environment concerns.  The performance abilities of your uniform and their provider should not be a distraction. Our team is available to assess your worksite and outline uniform options that fit your budget, your workforce and your industry.

That’s why Gallagher Uniform is your safest choice, make the switch today.

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