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Keeping The American Dream Well-clothed

Gallagher Uniform has had the privilege of servicing the backbone of the American dream since 1893. We have evolved with this nation’s manufacturing prowess by supplying the highest quality industrial uniforms and work clothes available throughout decades of innovation and growth. Today, we feature nothing but the latest advancements in uniform fabric technology and comfort.  We continuously strive to seek out the best industrial work uniform options available, with our mission to:

Provide uniforms that are safe, comfortable, great looking.

  • Comfortable Touchtex™ fabrics
  • Wrinkle-free and stain-resistant uniforms
  • High-Visibility Shirts and Outerwear
  • Flame-Resistant Shirts, Pants, and Coveralls

Make your business more profitable.

  • Give your employees time to do their job
  • Maintain a work uniform rental program more efficiently
  • Increase morale and productivity

Our breadth of manufacturing work uniform products include garments suited to every industry’s specific needs. From polo and short sleeve work shirts to flame-resistant coveralls, we provide industrial uniforms and maintenance to suit your specific requirements. Get in touch with us today and see why you should Make the switch to Gallagher today.

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