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Pharmaceutical Uniforms & Lab Coats

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The pharmaceutical industry is one of, if not the most, regulated industries in the world.  There is no room for error in that business, no second chances.

Gallagher Uniform sees our business in much the same manner.  When it comes to first impressions, there is no room for error and no such thing as a second chance.  We share an affinity for the benefits of technology, and strive to deliver nothing less than what we promise.

We provide fashionable, yet industry-appropriate pharmaceutical uniforms, including lab coat rentals and pharmaceutical uniform garments consistent with the quality standards of the industry (with no litany of possible side-effects).

In addition to our traditional professional daily wear, we also offer Lapel Counter Coats and Red Kap® Lab Coats.

Pharmaceutical production uniform and lab coat requirements can be very specific, requiring garments to be washed in approved detergents, deliveries to be done a certain way and garments to be thoroughly inspected.  We understand the need for these requirements and will work with you to make sure we meet your needs, and regulations. In fact, you should hear about our door-to-door delivery solutions for many pharmaceutical uniform clients.


Find out what we can do for you, see why you should make the switch to Gallagher, and see the difference we can make for your pharmaceutical uniform program.


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