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Security Guard Uniforms & Jackets

security guard uniforms

Your Partner in Crime

Security. Big word. Important word. We hear it everyday in a host of different contexts, but for the most part, it basically implies peace of mind.

“Secure” Security Guard Uniform Rental

Gallagher Uniform provides security when it comes to your security company uniforms.  Our growth as a company has been predicated on thoroughly understanding the needs of our customers. A security guard uniform has to exude many of the same qualities we hold critical to our company’s success:

  • Professional, confident image
  • Unwavering superior rank
  • Conviction to an ideal

Gallagher Uniform provides nothing but the latest in uniform advancements for performance and comfort.
Our uniform rental program service and reliability confidently provide a peace of mind.  So essentially, we see ourselves in the “Security” business too. Contact us to see why you should make the switch to Gallagher Uniform today.

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