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Excellence through Constant Innovation

Dependable Deliveries

We return your products clean and on time. Whatever you turn in one week will be delivered back the next – it’s that simple.  Or at least we’ve made it that way.

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  • On Time. We will be at your location on our regular scheduled delivery time, week after week.
  • No missing items.  All of our garments and mats are tracked with a barcode and RFID chip insuring 100% complete deliveries.
  • Proof In/Proof Out.  All products are scanned in when they arrive and scanned out before they leave.
  • Cross-check analysis.  Over/Under Reports are compiled with every delivery to insure accuracy
  • G-Trak Certified: Each bundle of garments is verified through our G-Trak Certification Process. Watch the video.

Straight Up Invoicing

Easy to read, transparent statements keep inventories on track and budgets in line.

  • You’ve Got Mail. Invoices emailed during delivery.
  • No questions. Invoices specify the size, inventory, charge quantity, unit price – absolute transparent billing.
  • No Surprises. No hidden charges, ever.
  • Cash-flow friendly. You don’t pay for your garments until you have them to wear.

Simple Service Requests

Service Request Boards are provided to directly communicate with our uniform wearers.

  • Cutting out the middle-man.  Individuals can directly request a repair or replacement.  No need for manager approval or involvement.
  • Quick turn-around time.  Requests are addressed by the next delivery.
  • Direct Connection.  Service Request Boards have direct contact information to your Route Service Representative and Route Service Supervisor. Employees are encouraged to take pride and responsibility for their appearance.

Instant Repairs and Replacements

Your image is our reputation.  Should a garment come through our facility that doesn’t pass our quality inspection, we either repair or replace it.

  • Taking initiative. Over 90% of all the repairs or replacements are caught and identified by our inspection team before you even get the chance to see the garment.
  • Checked and Re-checked, and Re-checked. All garments are inspected at 3 different checkpoint areas.
  • Uniformity. We do our final inspection once all the garments are hung in order by customer.  This allows us to “Grade” garments against others within the same company.

G Review

We think it’s super important to chat with our customers about how things are going with our service.

  • Communication. We will review your entire account with you on a regular scheduled basis
  • The Right Tools. We will provide you with great data and help look for better ideas, efficiencies and savings.
  • Open Phone Lines. We encourage customer feedback!

Team Crazy

Gallagher Uniform is a very flat organization. The Gallagher’s are all hands-on, owner-operators who have created an infrastructure of teamwork throughout. Everyone in the company works together and focuses on keeping, you, our customers happy and loyal.

  • In touch with the market. Weekly team meetings to stay abreast of new products and customer needs.
  • Collective consensus. Everyone at Gallagher Uniform collaborates on new and innovative ways to service the customer. We are always open to suggestions for improvement.
  • Optimization Reviews. Each account is reviewed on a regularly scheduled basis to identify better ideas, efficiencies, and savings.

G-Trak Online Garment Tracking System.

State of the art technology assures a level of customer service second to none. Each garment carries a unique barcode and a radio frequency chip. Every barcode & chip carries over 30 different pieces of information! With this technology we are able to provide our customers with a full range of important data. Learn more and see why your company should make the switch to Gallagher Uniform today.

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