The Importance of Keeping Your Restrooms Clean

As a business owner or facility manager, one of the most important aspects of running a successful operation is maintaining a clean and well-stocked facility. This includes not only the high-traffic areas of your establishment, such as front lobbies, offices, or break rooms but also your facility’s restrooms. 

Because for a business, when a customer walks into an unclean or understocked restroom, it’s like getting caught with your pants down – embarrassing! 

What The State Of Your Restrooms Say To Customers

While this may seem like a no-brainer, many businesses continue to overlook the importance of properly stocking and maintaining their restrooms as a part of the customer experience. The consequences of this neglect can be severe to a business as it leaves a negative impression on clients, visitors, and potential leads/customers.

Picture this scenario: You’re having dinner at a fancy restaurant, and you get up to visit the restroom. On the way, you begin to think about how fancy the restaurant is, how nice the ambiance feels, and how you just can’t wait to get back to eating your delicious food. But then, you enter the restroom, only to be greeted by an unsightly mess of paper products strewn across the floor, and your nose gets hit with a smell so horrid you feel it in your stomach… You have now lost your appetite, and your impression of the restaurant can no longer be described as “fancy.” 

We’ve all been through this kind of scenario, whether it happened at a restaurant, retail store, automotive repair shop, or even in our workplaces. The bottom line is an unclean restroom gives off a negative impression of your brand or business.

Learn how you can easily keep your restroom supplies fully stocked with Gallagher’s facility services program!

The Impact Of Clean Restrooms On Employee Satisfaction

In addition to the negative impact on customers, a dirty or understocked restroom can also affect employee morale. No one wants to work in a dirty environment, and a poorly maintained restroom can create a negative work atmosphere and give off the impression that the company doesn’t care for its employees’ well-being. 

Improperly caring for your restrooms also violates OSHA guidelines for facility sanitation standards and risks your company’s reputation.  This can all lead to decreased productivity and high employee turnover.

Gallagher Makes It Easy to Keep Your Restrooms Clean

Avoiding these negative consequences is essential to make restroom cleaning & maintenance a priority. This includes stocking your restrooms with the proper products, cleaning them regularly, and ensuring they are well-maintained. 

Gallagher provides facility service programs to keep your restrooms fully stocked with all of the cleaning and sanitation supplies you need. This includes toilet paper rolls & dispensers, paper towels & dispensers, soaps & sanitizers, and air fresheners. We also have mop rentals, towel rentals, and floor mat rental services available to keep your facility clean from top to bottom. We create a check-in & replenishment frequency that fits your facility’s needs. Whether on a weekly basis, bi-weekly basis, or every few days, a Gallagher team member will make sure your restroom supply levels are sufficient enough to maintain a clean restroom 24/7. 

Stop being embarrassed by your restrooms; contact a Gallagher representative today to get started with our facility services program.

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