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Facility Services from Gallagher

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You’re responsible for employee uniform programs, mats, towels and many things that keep your building maintenance and facilities organized, clean and safe. When working with Gallagher, our route representatives can also monitor and replenish necessities like hand soap, cleansers, paper products, paper towel, toilet paper and air freshener.

Here’s just a sample of the different facility service items we provide:

  • Air Freshener with three Scent OptionsProvides 60 days of odor control in an environmentally responsible way, silent and no batteries required.
  • Alco-Gel Hand Sanitizer ServiceKills 99.9% of germs on contact  Perfect hygiene solution for stations throughout your building for cleansing in between hand washings.
  • Foam Hand Soap Service. Anti-bacterial soap with up to 1,000 hand washes, 1ml dispensed at a time.
  • Industrial Hand Cleaner Service. Natural soy cleanser that gently removes the toughest grease, oil, ink, carbon back and more with protein and conditioners for maximum skin protection.
  • Toilet Tissue. High capacity systems with portion control to reduce waste. We provide top quality tissue that’s soft, strong and absorbent.
  • Center Pull Paper Towel  & Dispensers. Tough and resistant, dispensers protect against vandalism, breaking, or jamming  while providing soft, absorbent towels dry hands quickly and gently.

No one in your building notices this stuff until it’s not there, or running low. Let us handle it for you, make the switch to Gallagher today.

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