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Towel & Mop Rental Programs

To reduce your in-house maintenance and improve efficiency, we provide a full range of high quality towels and mops. Choose from any of our great products for your maintenance needs.

Specification sheets for each product listed are available for download, simply click on the item below.

Shop towel rental

Microfiber Wet Mop Rentail

  • Shop Towels – Our high-quality shop towels are durable enough to clean up workplace grime.
  • Bar Towels – Great for wiping down counters or dusting off your work area.
  • Kitchen Towels – Soft and absorbent, these towels work well in restaurants, kitchen areas and pharmaceutical processing.
  • Micro Fiber Towels – Soft and absorbent, micro fiber towels are great for restaurants, kitchen areas, food or pharmaceutical processing.
  • Bath Towels – Made of thick cotton, these towels are ideal for hotels, locker rooms, and spas.
  • Continuous Roll Towels – Our towels and dispensers are of the highest-quality and guaranteed for years of service.
  • Fender Covers – Protect your customer’s automobile from any scrapes or grease spills that may occur while servicing their vehicle.
  • Dust Mops – Made of 100% cotton mop strings, these mops are great on tile, wood or cement floors.
  • Micro Fiber Mops – One of the highest quality mops available with hundreds of thousands of porous microscopic fibers to remove bacteria from floors and other surfaces.
  • Wet Mops – Made of a microfiber, cotton/rayon blend these mops have looped ends that grab the dirt and make cleaning up spills a breeze.

Our team is standing by to answer your questions and help develop a rental program for towels, mops, and uniforms along with several other facility maintenance items. See why you should make the switch to Gallagher.


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