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Gallagher Uniform offers a full range of uniform rental programs and related products that help keep your employees and workplace looking great. Our products are of the highest quality, renowned for durability, safety, style and appeal. Outfitting your employees in uniform makes good business sense.

  • Improve company image. Employees can be walking advertisements for your company with customized company emblems.
  • Increase safety. Uniforms are designed for function to fit the employee properly and consistently for safety.
  • Heighten security awareness. Employees are easily identified by the uniform they are wearing. Change uniform style/ color by department to make it simple to know who should be where.
  • Enhance public acceptance. Studies show that 80% of the general public is very favorable to uniforms. People who come in contact with uniformed employees feel they are more professional.

You’ll find a section of uniforms from business casual, industrial work wear, women’s uniforms to specialty uniforms like high visibility & fire resistant and lab coats, even specialty sizes for big & tall and more.


industrial work wear uniforms

Industrial Work Wear Uniforms

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Automotive Uniforms

 Women's Uniforms

Women’s Uniforms

uniform jackets and outerwear


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Lab Coat Rentals

safety and flame resistant uniforms

High Visibility & Flame Resistant Uniforms

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Business Casual Uniforms

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Direct Purchase Uniforms

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