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With 130 years of proudly serving businesses across Michigan and Northern Indiana, Gallagher stands today as a locally-owned, 5th-generation family operation setting the standard for service and reliability. Unlike large national companies, Gallagher takes special pride in tailoring customized uniform and facility service solutions based on understanding each client’s unique needs and challenges. And with stable local ownership, multi-generational experience, and consistent reinvestment in Midwest communities and our in-house technology, Gallagher offers an unparalleled combination of attentiveness and reliability.

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Risks of Using a Non-Local Uniform Provider


Delayed & Missed Deliveries


Hidden Fees & Surprise Charges


Lack of Contract Transparency


Little to No Service Support

The Choice is Easy


  • Little Green Box Guarantee *

  • 130+ Years in Business

  • 100% Accurate Deliveries, No Matter What

  • Honest Contracts with No Hidden Fees

  • Family-Owned & Never Beholden to Shareholders

  • G-Trak Mobile App for Optimal Service

The Other Guys

  • Little Green Box Guarantee *

  • 130+ Years in Business

  • 100% Accurate Deliveries, No Matter What

  • Honest Contracts with No Hidden Fees

  • Family-Owned & Never Beholden to Shareholders

  • G-Trak Mobile App for Optimal Service

Little Green Box Guarantee *

130+ Years in Business

100% Accurate Deliveries, No Matter What

Honest Contracts with No Hidden Fees

Family-Owned & Never Beholden to Shareholders

G-Trak Mobile App for Optimal Service

* Learn more about our Little Green Box Guarantee

What Customers Say About Us:

"Just a quick word of thanks and praise to you and Gallagher for the unbelievable responsiveness to our urgent request for large numbers of laundry items.  They have already been here and have us stocked. Absolutely amazing and hugely helpful for a team that is trying to keep business going and continue to clean up. Thanks again for your exceptional teamwork!”

Rose G.

"It is amazing how quickly time flies when everything is running smoothly. We continue to be pleased with the products, communication, and service we receive from Gallagher and are happy to sign on for another 5 years."

Jayne H.

"You continue to grow because you provide great service! It’s a pleasure doing business with Gallagher!!"

Marianne C.

"...you guys have really stood by your word, and have provided excellent service since the migration from the “other company.” The guys love the jackets and I have to say we look good."

Jason G.

"Please extend our thanks to everyone involved in making this uniform experience the best ever; we couldn't be more pleased."

Cheryl M.

"Just wanted to say thank you to the Gallagher Family for the wonderful service that we receive. It's all about the customer service and we have never been let down! Thanks for doing a wonderful job every time."

Susan N.

"Your company is doing a fabulous job of servicing us, I appreciate the hassle-free service. Pat yourself on the backs, guys!"

Cindi K.

"I am realizing the more I work with your team, how much customer service we have been missing. My only regret is that we didn’t make this change sooner."

Patricia D.

"Today I went to check on my uniforms for the week after they were dropped off. I thought I was missing a pair of pants. I was able to go online and print off a garment listing report and was able to go back and check and found that I was not. That is a real nice extra bit of service you provide your customers. No phone calls or waiting a week for the route driver and hoping he remembers what happed over a week ago. Thank you, this is greatly appreciated. Also while I’m at it, I want to thank you for the wonderful job keeping my uniforms clean and kept up. Thank you again."

Mike G.

"Thank you for your promptness and concern for our problems. Your company is a breath of fresh air!"

Matt W.

"We are very satisfied with the quality of your service and the quality of our uniforms that we received today. My staff looks great today thanks to you and your company."

John L.

"It continues to be a pleasure dealing with Gallagher Uniform. We thank you so much for your good service and pleasant people we have dealt with. Our people are happy to actually receive their uniforms back every week. Thanks again for turning our uniform program into a company benefit rather than a company nightmare."

Tammy S.

"Thanks for your help! I'm very pleased with the service we've received from your company. You're all very prompt and incredibly easy to work with!"

Molly D.

"Thanks for observing the little things that make your service so unique. I have worked with many clothing companies over the years and found none of them interested in my best interests or being cost effective once they have our signed contract. KUDOS TO YOU AND GALLAGHER."

Randy H.

"September will be two years since [we] started doing business with Gallagher and we could not be happier with the product and especially the service your company has provided. Please be sure to let your team know they’ve created a raving fan of a customer who does all they can to spread the word that yours is the company to partner with."

Dan V.

"This is awesome communication. I’d consider it above and beyond. In fact, I consider much of what you all do above and beyond. Thank you so much."

Bryant P.

"The more I hear about your company and your values, the more I’m sure we made the right decision for our uniform company. I think we will be a perfect fit together (no pun intended.)"

Darlene R.

"We appreciate all you have done to make this a smooth transition. We are looking forward to a long relationship with Gallagher Uniform!"

Shari S.

Your Business Deserves Industry-Leading Service.
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