G-Trak Mobile App for Uniform Wearers from Gallagher Uniform


G-Trak Mobile allows you to put in your own requests for a repair, replacement, or size change. Find out what’s getting delivered next, view your garment history, cancel collection, and even get text alerts or email notifications when your uniforms have been delivered. Better yet, you don’t even need to contact a supervisor, make a call to Gallagher, or fill out a repair card in order to fulfill your request. This means you can handle your uniform requests on your own time. The world of G-Trak just got easier. Get the app today!

G-Trak Mobile was developed to integrate seamlessly with Gallagher’s internal systems. Utilizing barcodes on each individual garment they can be identified at any point in the rental cycle, whether that be in wash, repair, in route or anywhere in between.

John Gallagher added, “We’ve had a web-based solution for our customers to utilize for years, but we took it a step further as we continue to implement innovative solutions for our customers. The world is going mobile and that now includes your uniform rental service with Gallagher Uniform.”

Customers both large and small tell us that the app has simplified things, saves them a lot of time and energy. But for our largest customers, in particular, it’s one less thing for management to worry about knowing whenever an employee needs a size change, has a damaged shirt or is wondering when their next delivery is. Those employees can take care of it with Gallagher right on their phone, regardless of what shift they’re working.

G-Trak Mobile

  • requests for repairs
  • replacements
  • size changes
  • what’s getting delivered next
  • garment history
  • cancel collection
  • and more
G-TRAK Mobile Application

Customers and uniform wearers get communication and direct feedback via text or email notifications depending on their preferences. The app is available for free in the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

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