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OSHA recommends that everyone who works with electrical components wear FR Clothing (FR). This doesn’t mean just electricians or those who work along utility lines. Proper attire and safety gear impacts workplace safety, and employee productivity, too.

Workplace safety is often thought to include training, safety requirements, physical fitness and avoiding hazards on the job. Still, employees’ clothing and work wear can also play a significant role in their safety on the job.

Who Should Wear FR Uniforms?

Automotive Worker in FR (flame-resistant) garment welding

While many employers use FR garments for their maintenance and electrical employees, there are still many other employees who could benefit from the safety of FR uniforms.  Any employee who works in a hazardous environment, which can include:

  • Electric Arc – electricians, utility lineman and workers
  • Flash Fire – oil or gas refinery, pharmaceutical workers and those who work with chemicals
  • Combustible Dust Explosion – paper mills, paint, and even food processors are just a few examples
  • Anyone who comes in contact with functional and live electrical equipment

Help Employees Avoid Injuries with Proper Work Uniforms

FR uniforms offer more protection to employees, which also means fewer on-the-job injuries, reduced workers’ compensation claims and insurance premiums, fewer days away from work, more productive employees and a better reputation as an employer.

Complete FR Uniforms Available Here

Whether you need FR work shirts, pants or coveralls for your employees, Gallagher Uniform has you covered. We work with industry-leading FR garment manufacturers and offer:

  • FR work shirts
  • FR work pants
  • FR coveralls
  • FR jeans
  • FR jackets
  • FRC with reflective striping

FR Work Shirts

FR Work Pants

That’s Not All

We offer FR garments that are certified by Underwriters Laboratories to meet the NFPA® 2112 Standard requirements to protect industrial personnel against flash fires, as well as NFPA 70e Standard requirements to protect workers in all industries who work on or near energized parts or equipment capable of generating arc flash.  They also meet NFPA 2113 Standard on Selection, Care, Use, and Maintenance of Flame-Resistant Garments for Protection of Industrial Personnel Against Flash Fire, 2015 Edition, which requires that garments cover the upper and lower body and flammable underlayers as completely as possible.

How Can You Tell a Garment is FR Rated?

ARC Flash class information is clearly labeled on the tag of each FR garment, and in some cases, even on an emblem on the outside of the garment. Every Bulwark FR garment, however, includes an easily identifiable, external Bulwark emblem so you and your employees will avoid any confusion between non-FR and FR garments.

For a complete line of FR Flame Resistant Uniforms to keep your employees safe on the job, make the switch to Gallagher today.

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