Uniform Programs Handled with HACCP Compliance In Mind

Food processing has always been an economic mainstay of the Michigan economy.  Like so many other local industries, Gallagher Uniform has been around to grow with and meet the specific uniform and facility service requirements of the food processing industry.

Gallagher Uniform keeps up with the latest advancements in uniform fabric technology and comfort to provide our customers with the optimal uniform solutions available.  Our mission:

  • Promote an environment of positive corporate pride and performance.
  • Keep your employees safe, comfortable, and looking great.
  • Make your business more profitable.

We understand that our food processing and production uniform customers must maintain a sanitary, sterile, safe work environment, and uniforms have to support those disciplines.  Given the nature of our business, we run a similar tight ship.  Our strict uniform maintenance and laundry regimen assure a sharp clean, and compliant uniform with every delivery.

Gallagher Uniform is Hygienically Clean Certified in Food Safety

Starting in 2019, our facility underwent multiple inspections, garment testing, and facility upgrades to ensure we followed best management practices when it came to producing hygienically clean textiles.

Thanks to our entire team at Gallagher Uniform we are excited to officially announce as of October 2020 Gallagher Uniform is now listed as a hygienically clean certified food safety laundry!

  • Our employees are properly trained and protected
  • Our leadership team understands legal requirements
  • We are OSHA-compliant
  • Our physical plant operates effectively

Gallagher Uniform is a local company dedicated to servicing the uniform needs of our local food processing businesses.  Every garment at every echelon within your organization will share the Gallagher Uniform signature of excellence, from corner office to center shop floor.

Whether you’re a small food production facility or a large-scale food processing corporation, Gallagher has the uniforms and services to keep your operations running smooth. Make the switch to Gallagher today.