Gallagher Uniform knows a few things about restaurant and kitchen uniforms. Of course the obvious – never trust a skinny chef and everyone is a food critic – but most important and relevant:

“There are few industries that are so dependent on consistency and image.”

Providing kitchen and culinary uniforms from line cooks to chef coats or an entire kitchen staff, we understand there is one universal mandate that must be maintained for any dining establishment to succeed: a perception of cleanliness.

No matter how good the food may be, every exposure with the customer must always portray an innate message that your establishment prides itself on cleanliness. It’s a tall order. Consider the opportunities for the customer to form an opinion about your food before taking their first bite:

  • Culinary Uniforms. From chefs’ coats to buss-wear, every potential contact with your staff and the customer has to be at its best.  We can integrate a range of kitchen uniforms or chef coats that project a consistent image and theme throughout the entire restaurant.
  • Server Uniforms. Our team is always keeping tabs on the popular trends, from the latest in cuisine fashion to a simple, sharp embroidered apron, we provide the look to match your menu.
  • Aprons. These protective garments are great for chefs, restaurant staff, and assembly line work. 
  • Specialty Towels & Floor Mats. Your establishment is unique and also has to maintain a certain look. We have specialty towels and mats to do the job properly.

In food service and restaurants, we know that your image is half your reputation. With so much depending on this, can you afford to trust anyone other than Gallagher Uniform to be at your side? Make the Switch today.

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