Western Michigan is home to many large pharmaceutical researchers and manufacturers. Employees who work in pharmaceutical manufacturing have many unique requirements when it comes to their uniforms and workwear

Similar to Food Processing Uniforms, Pharmaceutical work wear must adhere to industry regulations and compliance guidelines. Manufacturers in this industry trust Gallagher Uniform because of our experience in proper handling, laundering and delivery of a full suite of industry compliant uniform garments and workwear.

Pharmaceutical Work Wear Programs Designed to:

  • Keep employees protected
  • Avoid cross-contamination in production areas
  • Easily identify employees by uniform garment colors
  • OSHA and FDA compliant processing & handling
  • Include specialty designed garments with concealed snap closures and knit cuffs to avoid product contamination
  • Adhere to specific handling processes for garment sorting, washing, storage & delivery

Plus, enjoy all of our Uniform Rental Program Benefits

  • 100% complete deliveries
  • G-Trak online system for company officials
  • G-Trak Mobile App for uniform wearers
  • Proactive garment repair or replacement

Make the switch to a full-service uniform rental company who understands the unique challenges and compliance requirements you face in pharmaceutical and drug manufacturing. Call us at 269-965-5171 or reach out online today.