Workwear For Farm, Agricultural, & Growing Industries

As a Michigan-based company, we have been fortunate to work with a variety of different industries, each having their own specific requirements for success.

Many times, what we learn about one industry strengthens our abilities to better service another. Much is the case with our offerings of farm uniforms and growing industry workwear.

Gallagher Uniform has a large selection of rugged agricultural, farm, and growing uniforms, workwear, and outerwear, specifically designed and selected for the demanding needs of long days on the job. Farm and agricultural uniforms can take a beating, but must also keep your employees dry, warm and comfortable. And the growing industry must meet specific requirements to keep your team safe during the harvesting process.

  • Dickies work pants, shirts, and uniforms
  • Twill, action-backed coveralls
  • Blended Duck zip-front hooded jackets
  • Scrubs and UV protection

And with Gallagher Uniform’s thorough commitment to the best cleaning technologies available, your employees will look their absolute best. No matter what you throw at us. Make the switch to Gallagher Uniform today.

work shirt
work shirt
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Work Pants
Work Pants