Uniforms for Michigan’s Growing Industry

In Michigan, where the growing and selling of cannabis is now legal, there are certain requirements that are being developed to keep employees safe during the harvesting process. In each and every phase of work in the growing industry, special uniforms are necessary to ensure that everything is done safely and efficiently. At Gallagher Uniform, we understand the need for simple uniforms that help you get the job done.


Although this is a “newer” industry, there are some things that just make sense for these kinds of environments. In our experience, all of our grow industry customers wear scrubs. Lightweight, and simple, these breathable uniform options are the perfect choice for those who work in heated or outdoor environments. Each company is different, however, and we take that into account. For example, some businesses require no pockets above the waist, some want pockets sewn shut, and some like pockets above the waist. If you are a large volume user, we can meet your requirements!

In addition, scrubs are easy to put on and take off, and in an industry like this, where associates change uniforms each time they come off of the plant floor, that’s an important detail. Some even require showers to ensure plant sanitization! Scrubs are the perfect option for all of the concerns that may come with the growing industry.

Our scrubs program

Not to brag (or maybe to brag), but Gallagher has truly perfected our scrub program over the years. To build your specific uniform program, we take an estimated count of employees and develop a program with your choice of colors and sizes. This is what we call a “stock program,” where we deliver bundles of different-sized scrubs to keep handy on-site or in locker rooms. That way, you never run out of scrubs for your employees or other associates.

We also offer a personalized program where each wearer gets their unique uniform set assigned to them. The opposite of the stock program, this allows for a more tailored experience, distinctive to each employee.

UV protection

It’s also important to consider those in the growing industry who work outdoors or otherwise near harmful lighting. For workers who spend their time outside or in indoor areas that uses UV lighting, UV protection is of the utmost importance. We offer dri-fit shirts from SanMar that are UV protected—these are “UV 50” and above, and therefore safe for extended outdoor wear.

This is a newer area of expertise for us, but we’re confident in our countless years of uniform experience that we can assist you and your team in developing a uniform program that works for you. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us today! We look forward to growing a business relationship with you.

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