High & Enhanced Visibility Uniforms

High & Enhanced Visibility Uniforms

Visibility is important in lots of things—brand recognition, product transparency, and employee safety. Enhanced and high visibility uniforms are an important piece of most industrial uniform rental programs, and being seen is often times what keeps your operation running smoothly. We have an array of specialty reflective and flame resistant uniform products that meet the strictest safety requirement, and with decades in the uniform industry, we understand that garments can’t always be about the fashion forward. Sometimes, safety takes precedence.

Visibility is good everywhere

You’re probably thinking enhanced visibility is only necessary outdoors and in high traffic areas, for people like construction workers, but let’s consider other work environments. In a manufacturing or industrial facility, high vis uniforms are important! Whether it be a dim workplace or warehouse, a shipping dock, or machinery, it’s always a good idea to give workers a little extra umph when it comes to being seen. Gallagher Uniform can outfit your employees for many potentially dangerous work environments, in areas like poorly lit work sites, potential flash-fire scenarios, potential electrical arc flashes, or combustible dust areas.

High visibility

These uniforms and garments are ANSI rated and are made of bright or fluorescent colors, like the classic yellow-green you see on the roads or on other construction workers. High visibility uniforms may also include reflective striping to ensure visibility from any angle.

Enhanced visibility

Different from high visibility garments, enhanced visibility uniforms are not made of brightly colored fabrics and instead include reflective tape around the chest and sleeve areas on shirts or jackets, and around the lower leg on pants or jeans. These are still held to ANSI standards but are typically worn by employees in lower-risk work environments, like oil and gas workers or building maintenance crews.

Your business’s employees’ safety is as important to us as our own. In recent times, health and safety have been brought to the forefront, and for all of us here at Gallagher Uniform, we want to continue to provide our customers with protective options for uniforms and garments. What’s better? We take care of the cleaning and laundering for you. In work environments that can get messy, it can be a nice break to receive clean, crisp uniforms when you need them. Our comprehensive high and enhanced visibility uniform rental programs are created with you in mind. Interested in learning more? Contact us today and let us show you the Gallagher difference.

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