Dust Mops, microfiber & wet mop rental

Keep Floors Clean & Safe with Mops from Gallagher Uniform

Every business has mops on hand as part of their regular cleaning routine. Whether simply your entry area and hotel lobby to larger floor spaces like auto dealership, factory floors, and even warehouses, mops are needed.

We know clean mops can be taken for granted - unless you need on. In fact,  84% of all mops are never cleaned or changed on a regular basis? Gross, and that isn't helping you keep things clean either.

As part of our facility service programs, we offer customers mop rental programs in addition to towel rental, entrance and safety mats, soaps and more. We see you weekly anyway, let us bring the clean mops to you!

Mop Rental Program Products

  • Dust Mops: Made of 100% cotton, these mops are great on tile, wood or cement floors.
  • Wet Mops: Traditional style utility mops made of 100% cotton string, these are ideal for industrial areas with heavy soil.
  • Microfiber Dust Mops: Quickly clean dry dirt and debris with oversized dust mops that really dig into corners and floorboards. Microfiber attracts and traps more particles than regular mops.
  • Microfiber Flat Wet Mops: One of the highest quality mops available with hundreds of thousands of porous microscopic fibers to remove bacteria from floors and other surfaces. Perfect for cleaning finished and waxed surfaces.
  • Microfiber Tube Wet Mops: Made of a microfiber cloth rolled into “tubes” these mops are lighter and more maneuverable than traditional cotton string mops. They typically clean more surface area with looped ends that grab the dirt and make cleaning up spills quick and easy.

Interested? Ask Your Gallagher Route Service Representative Today!

Facility managers can easily chat with your Gallagher Route Service Representative to set up a mop schedule that works for you. We'll make sure that your mop heads are laundered and sanitized.

If we notice any problem or functional issue with your mop, we’ll replace the head, no questions asked.

Simply give us a call or contact our customer service team to add mops to your rental program today.

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