Cooler Duds for Hotter Weather

Summer is in full swing, and you can certainly feel it every time you step outside. As the days heat up, so might your facilities, plants, or even offices. Luckily, Gallagher Uniform has several options for you to choose from that prioritize breathability and ease of wear so that no matter the environment, your employees can get the job done comfortably and safely.

Outdoor workers

Whether you work in landscaping, construction, the growing industry, or anywhere else outdoors, the elements that the summertime brings can be heavy, sticky, and flat out uncomfortable. At Gallagher, we offer cargo shorts that are breathable with deep pockets—perfect for holding tools, tape measures, or anything else you might need. In addition, we carry Sport-Tek shirts and moisture wicking shirts like these to ensure maximum comfortability.

Standard workers

For those who work in factories, automotive shops, or other indoor facilities like warehouses, we offer options like these shirts and these pants, which are both cost efficient and simple. These are some of our most highly rented offerings! They are moisture wicking and incredibly comfortable options for your employees and you can rest easy knowing that hot, scratchy, or heavy uniforms won’t get in the way of them and the task at hand.

Elements are year-round

If you find yourselves working outdoors or even in warehouses that may be affected by the temperatures outside, you may be concerned about the opposite of the heat and also worried about keeping employees warm during the winter months. At Gallagher, we’re happy to split your inventory to half short sleeve and half long sleeve to make sure you have exactly what you need—we’re here to make uniform rental as smooth and easy as possible for you and your team.

So this summer, make sure all of your workers are prepared for the heat and moisture that comes with this time of year. Contact us today to make the switch or to inquire about how to update your current program to include weather-conscious options!

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