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G-Trak Certified Complete Bundled Uniforms

Committed to pairing high-quality service with cutting-edge technology, Gallagher Uniform is proud to provide our clients with G-Trak, a unique online garment tracking system. G-Trak was created with the goal of making garment tracking easier for everyone involved, not just the end-user! It takes the stress out of uniform maintenance by ensuring accurate deliveries and offering real-time answers to meet all of your garment needs.

Certifed Deliveries
Route Service Representatives

End User


How Does G-Trak Work at Gallagher Uniform?

G-Trak Certified – 100% Plant Inspection

Gallagher-certified-delivery-smThrough G-Trak Certified Deliveries, each employee’s uniforms are bundled and scanned for completion. This unique service provides a seamless process by:

  • Verifying every bundle of garments prior to delivery.
  • Ensuring accurate and complete deliveries.
  • Improving inventory and control management.
  • Reducing uniform program costs by minimizing risk of loss charges.
  • Alleviating administrative time and frustration as a result of missing garments.

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G-Route – Route Service Complete Delivery System

Gallagher-route-service-rep-smAll of our Route Service Representatives are equipped with smart phones that allow them to:

  • Launches text message to G-Trak Mobile users of their arrival & delivery information for end user
  • Enter new orders, cancellations, and size changes on site.
  • Schedule repairs immediately.
  • Provide you with up-to-the-minute collection reports.
  • Email your Invoice and Garment Reports immediately after delivery.

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How Does G-Trak Work for the Customer

G-Trak Web – Primary Contact & Managers

Gallagher-contact-manager-smYour company’s Primary Uniform Contact will have a username and password that allows them to access everyone’s garment information.Department Managers can access garment information relevant to their specific department.
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G-Trak Mobile – For the End User

Gallagher-end-user-smWe’ve taken G-Trak to the next level with our new mobile app! If you have a rental garment provided by Gallagher Uniform, then you should also make sure to get G-Trak Mobile. We understand that your time is valuable, which is why we’ve streamlined our process to include your device. With G-Trak Mobile, you can work directly with Gallagher, no middle-man necessary, to access your garment updates and submit requests when and where it’s convenient for you!

Use G-Trak Mobile to:


  • Receive realtime text/email delivery notice when your route rep arrives.
  • Submit a repair/replace request.
  • Request a size change.
  • Check the progress on your work order.
  • View a cancel garment collection.
  • Get delivery status updates.
  • Send Gallagher Service a question or message.

Start enjoying the benefits of G-Trak Mobile by registering today!

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