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Work Uniforms for Any Industry

uniform rentals for any industry    

Over the years, we have seen a lot of emerging markets and have diversified our uniform rental products and facility services accordingly. We have sought out the highest-quality uniform apparel, mats, mops and other products to provide our customers the tools they need to be successful.

The core of our business model is investment in technology and innovative, engaging customer service. This interaction with our clients has allowed us to fully understand the needs of our customers, allowing us to grow with them.

As Gallagher Uniform has vastly expanded the industries we serve, one thing has not changed – the end result of keeping your business looking great.  Whether it’s investing in a new uniform product line or the latest communication and cleaning technologies, our customers know – Gallagher Uniform represents the premium in professional work uniform services. That we won’t change!

Industries and Customers from A to Z

We are happy to state that we service dozens of various industries with work uniforms and apparel. If you have employees that wear clothes, we can help you grow your business. From automotive technicians to research lab technicians, we can meet with your staff and design a uniform rental program specific to your needs.

Gallagher Uniform is a leading service provider for many area companies and facilities of all sizes.  But if you don’t see yours, let us know and we’ll develop a solution with you.


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