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Innovative Solutions



G-Trak Online & On The Go Garment Tracking

State of the art technology assures a level of customer service second to none.  Each garment carries a unique bar code and a radio frequency chip, carrying over 30 different pieces of information, allowing for:

  • Faster turn-around.  Automatic identification for garments in need of repair, alterations, or size changes.
  • Accurate billing and providence.  Invoices can be adjusted, approved, and emailed during the delivery.
  • Good-looking employees.  Every uniform wearer knows how many garments they own, how many times each garment has been laundered, the garment’s age, size, color, repair history, etc.



In-House Embroidery

We make it easy for you to project a positive image with personalized, embroidered uniforms and apparel. Provide a copy of your company logo and we’ll do the rest.

  • Need an idea? We have advanced digitizing software with a full library of stock design files to choose from.
  • Quick Results. Our on-site, Melco embroidery digitizers mean no outsourcing delays.
  • Look your best. We provide nothing less than professional-grade imaging.




Advanced Laundry Processing

We pride ourselves on our pursuit of cutting edge technologies and processes.  With Precise Dober Chemical Processing and automated DVT sorting systems, your uniforms are consistently and accurately being delivered as close to new as they can ever be.

  • Clean as can be. With over 40 different wash formulas, our automated chemical injection systems make any uniform look its finest.
  • Longer hanger-life, lower costs. Advanced automated wash formulas help extend the useful life of the garment, and help lower costs.
  • Efficiency times two. Combined with our G-Trak Software, our automated DVT sorting system increases productivity and increases accuracy to NASA-like tolerances (spacesuit service not yet available).




Recently Expanded, Full Service Stockroom

As we continue to grow and serve a wider variety of customers we know turning uniform programs around quickly is critical. We have a sizable inventory of uniforms on hand. This means your orders for new, additional, and replacement uniforms are filled quickly and accurately.

  • Productivity enhancements. Ergonomic workstations are designed for continuous flow processing.
  • Continuous work flow. Every work order is moved from start to finish without interruption.
  • Process = efficiency. Streamlined process increases productivity and output increasing turn-around time.

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