The Future of Uniforms: Embracing RFID

Modern Uniform Management from Your Local Partner

Managing all aspects of your company’s uniform program is a complex undertaking many businesses struggle with. Coordinating inventory tracking, replacements, laundering, and billing accuracy – it’s a long list of moving parts that can easily turn into a second job for your staff.

While major national uniform suppliers have the resources to streamline program management, their lack of personalized service can leave you feeling like just another number. As your local family-owned provider, Gallagher Uniform delivers uniform program capabilities on par with any big company, powered with innovative RFID technology and a user-friendly G-Trak system.

This advanced uniform solution combines state-of-the-art RFID garment tracking with a convenient mobile app to give you complete real-time visibility into your rental inventory throughout laundering and delivery. With Gallagher’s RFID/G-Trak advantage, you get the best of both worlds – big business program optimization coupled with personal service from a trusted local partner.

Streamlined Uniform Control Optimized for Your Business

Traditional uniform tracking methods create vulnerabilities for lost items, inventory inaccuracies, and unnecessary costs. In contrast, Gallagher’s G-Trak system sets a new standard by utilizing advanced RFID technology to monitor your entire rental inventory throughout the uniform cycle automatically. This innovative approach provides key competitive advantages:

Inventory Accuracy You Can Trust

With G-Trak’s comprehensive garment data, you’ll never again have to deal with missing inventory that results in surprise fees. RFID technology captures a uniform’s entire lifecycle, bringing inventory accuracy up to an impressive 99.9%. This ensures you can make informed replacement decisions based on reliable information.

Significant Cost Savings

By virtually eliminating uncertainties around your rental inventory usage, you avoid paying for garments that may potentially be lost. G-Trak’s RFID data integration aligns your costs precisely with actual inventory numbers, preventing overcharges.

Boosted Workplace Productivity

With automated RFID tracking, handling repair logs, and monitoring tasks, your staff can refocus their time on more productive work instead of manually searching for missing items. The time savings allow you to optimize workplace efficiencies.

Consistently Professional Brand Image

Elevate your business’s credibility by ensuring your team always looks their best. Through G-Trak’s disbursement controls, you can closely regulate that every staff member receives the right uniform garments for a cohesive, on-brand appearance.

Sustainability Commitment Powered by Technology

Through innovative technology like RFID scanning, Gallagher’s uniform management systems provide both operational optimization and environmental benefits under the “Sustainability Initiatives” umbrella. With comprehensive data on each garment’s status and usage, Gallagher can extend the lifecycle of individual uniforms to boost operational efficiency and reduce textile waste. Additionally, tracking precise laundering cycles allows for customized cleaning frequencies, minimizing unnecessary power and water consumption for maximum efficiency.

Why Choose Gallagher as Your Uniform Partner?

While Gallagher embraces innovative uniform technologies like RFID tracking, we’re still the local family-owned uniform provider you know and trust. For over 130 years, we’ve built relationships with businesses in our community through a personalized service approach.

Our team gets to know your needs and oversees your account hands-on, from the seamless RFID-enhanced program setup to ongoing management through dedicated representatives and our user-friendly mobile app.

Get a Head Start on the Future of Uniform Management

Don’t settle for subpar uniform services from a faceless corporation when you can experience the cutting-edge inventory control and sustainable solutions of Gallagher’s advanced management systems – with the hassle-free convenience of partnering with a local business.

Contact us today to learn how our uniform program capabilities can give you a competitive edge while providing the personal touch and trustworthy expertise you expect from your community’s uniform company.

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