Gallagher Uniform Eases Your Load with Uniform Laundry Services

Do you hear the phrase, “I love doing laundry!” very often? Probably not. Dirt, hot water, ironing, drying, folding, etc. – it’s an exhausting job – and probably not something your employees look forward to doing. At Gallagher Uniform, the phrase “I love doing laundry!” is ironed onto the back of all our associates’ uniforms. Not really – but we think you get the picture. Our uniform laundry services comprise a large part of our professional identity and help set us apart from the competition. Why? Because we’re darn good at it. Gallagher has a track record of serving a wide array of industries across Michigan and Indiana, giving them the benefit of a valuable uniform rental provider who will launder, repair, replace and return their uniform garments complete and on time, every time.

Commercial Uniform Cleaning

With specialized uniform cleaning technology such as advanced automated wash formulas and an automated DVT sorting system, your uniforms are consistently and accurately delivered looking their best. At our state-of-the-art laundering facility, we maintain over 40 different wash formulas that help extend the useful life of the garments and lower costs for the end-user. (That’s you!)

Not only does Gallagher’s commercial uniform cleaning service help you control costs, it also ensures the utmost care and attention is paid to each and every garment. Whether you put in a service request for a shirt before turning it in or one of our plant associates notices a tear in your pants after it comes out of the wash, our automated sorting system ensures that any item in need of repair is put aside, inspected and fixed (or a replacement ordered) before it makes it back out the door.

Specialized Attention for the Cleanest Uniforms

Our automated chemical injection systems make any uniform look its finest and are tailored to meet the stringent sanitation requirements for a wide array of industries. For example, with years of experience servicing food processing plants of every size throughout mid and southwest Michigan and northern Indiana, Gallagher practices and maintains a keen understanding of the specific uniform cleaning requirements as defined by HACCP. This helps our customers meet the highest cleanliness standards around.

 Within the healthcare industry, we understand that you must have clean uniforms and scrubs, helping to support the required cleanliness in your hospital or medical office. You’ll find Gallagher healthcare uniforms in area hospitals, laboratories, doctor’s offices, rehab centers, nursing homes and more.

Uniform Pick-up and Delivery Service

Beyond helping our customers reduce their workload and save costs, working with Gallagher for your uniform rental service drastically reduces your likelihood of garment misplacement and replacement. In fact, garment loss prevention is our specialty!

Barcodes and smart processes allow our Route Service Supervisors and Representatives to have access to information about your account with clear, up to the minute report availability. All products are scanned when they arrive at our facility and when they leave. We also perform a cross-check analysis where inventory reports are compiled with every delivery allowing us to guarantee 100% complete deliveries on time, every time. We don’t keep this process hidden from our customers either. Instead, we make this information readily available to every customer through G-Trak, our online uniform program management system and  G-Trak Mobile, putting our uniform service in the palm of your employees’ hands.

It takes a village to maintain a thriving, profitable business and Gallagher Uniform would like to be part of yours, helping your employees look and feel their very best. Learn more about making the switch to Gallagher today!

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