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Red Kap & Other Custom Automotive Uniforms

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Gallagher Uniform has been around a long time. Case in point: when Gallagher Uniform was established in 1893, Henry Ford hadn’t even invented the assembly line.  Yet today, we offer an entire line of automotive work uniforms and mechanics work shirts.

Our uniform programs for mechanic, automotive service and showroom uniforms spans way beyond  shop towel laundry and rental service. We specialize in outfitting the automotive industry with high-quality automotive work uniforms, designed specifically for the rigorous demands of the technician, as well as for auto dealerships who need coordinating uniforms for sales staff, service advisors and more.

Gallagher Uniform provides automotive uniform programs specific to officially licensed guidelines, including Ford, GM, Chrysler, Mopar, Honda, and Toyota, to name a few. We can customize your professional technician, mechanic work shirts and up front office staff with your company’s logo. Our automotive service garments are tailored for fit and function, featuring:

  • Touchtex ™ Technology, providing superior color retention, soil-release, and wickability
  • Ripstop fabric
  • Sleeved utility pockets
  • Concealed, no-scratch, button-front placket
  • Banded and convertible collars

At Gallagher Uniform, we see our service not only as an asset for your company’s image, but as tool for your industry. We look forward to talking with you, see why you should make the switch today. Here are a few brands we carry

  • Red Kap
  • Cornerstone
  • Port Authority
  • District Made

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