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FRC Flame Resistant and High Visibility Safety Uniforms

safety and flame resistant uniforms

Have a unique work environment?
Is employee safety a particular concern at your facility?

A consistent, clean uniform does more than positively promote your company to the public; it also increases safety for your employees and your clients.

Gallagher Uniform has an array of specialty reflective and flame resistant uniform products that meet that strictest safety requirements while not compromising the comfort needs of your workforce.  We can outfit your employees for many, potentially dangerous work environments, where workers are exposed to

  • Poorly Lit Work Sites
  • Potential Flash-Fire Scenarios
  • Potential Electrical Arc Flashes
  • Combustable Dust Areas



Safety & Flame Resistant Uniforms include:

  • Arc-Rated Shirt Jackets
  • ANSI Certified Hi-Visibility Shirts
  • Flame Resistant Work Pants
  • Flame Resistant Uniform Shirts

We work with the leading-edge industry material providers to offer the highest quality and innovative fabric safety technologies available. Garments are designed and tailored for a specific work environment, and then engineered for maximum user comfort. See why you should make the switch today.


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