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Women’s Uniforms, Work Shirts, & Pants

Women's Uniforms

Keeping With The Times and Today’s Fashion

When you talk uniforms for women on the production floor or in the office, do they cringe and think they’ll get a smaller version of a man’s shirt?

Women’s uniforms should be tailored for their shape, size and comfort. There is a significant difference between the styling of men’s and women’s uniforms, we get it! When you choose Gallagher Uniform, you can develop a program from a full line of contemporary and stylish women’s uniforms.

Designed by women for women, our selection of work shirts for your female employees assures a flattering fit in today’s current styles. A properly fitted uniform sends a message to your customers before the presentation even begins.  Send a message of confidence, professionalism, and attention to detail. More importantly, it shows the women in your workplace that they deserve to feel their best at work.

Find a complete selection of women’s uniforms. Get in touch with us today and see why you should make the switch to Gallagher Uniform.


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