It’s Our Anniversary!

It’s time to pop the champagne and bring out the cake! This year Gallagher is celebrating 130 years of business!

My, How We’ve Grown!

We’ve come a long way since our establishment in 1893, and a lot has changed. From our humble beginnings as a rag and towel business, we have now expanded our services to include uniforms, floor mats, and facility services. Our customer base & community has also continued to grow as we now serve many businesses & industries across Michigan and Northern Indiana, including those in manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing, automotive and the growing cannabis industry.  

Our Commitment Stays the Same

Although much has changed throughout these past 130 years, our commitment to excellence stays the same. Since our establishment in 1893 by John C. Gallagher, we have been synonymous with innovation, cutting-edge technology, unwavering accountability, and unparalleled customer satisfaction. 

“Throughout our extraordinary journey, Gallagher Uniform has remained dedicated to providing exceptional service and meeting the diverse needs of our customers,” said John Gallagher, President and fourth generation of the Gallagher family. “Our culture is deeply rooted in a relentless pursuit of continuous improvement, fueled by a foundation of honesty and integrity that permeates every aspect of our operations.”

At Gallagher, we remain committed to our core principles, delivering exceptional customer service, driving technological advancements, and supporting team members and the local community.

Looking to the Future with Continued Family Leadership

With the recent addition of fifth-generation family members, Chris and Kevin Gallagher, to our leadership team, Gallagher is ready to embrace the future while upholding cherished family values. 

“As we embark on the next chapter beyond 130 years in business, we are confident in our ability to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing demands of our customers and our associates,” stated John Gallagher. “Our success is built on the dedication and expertise of our team. We will continue to empower them to reach their full potential and to provide the best possible experience for customers.”

Gallagher’s vision for the future revolves around fostering a culture of shared purpose and camaraderie within our organization. We recognize the importance of strong leadership and will continue to invest in the development of our associates, nurturing their skills and capabilities.

By upholding our core values, relentlessly pursuing excellence, and placing a high priority on our dedicated team, Gallagher Uniform is prepared to embrace new opportunities, overcome challenges, and further establish ourselves as a trusted leader in the uniform industry.

We’re ready for the next 130 years and beyond! Are you? Make the switch today.

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