Bathroom Chats with Gallagher Uniform!

Let’s be real: When it comes to an employee restroom, nobody likes running out of toilet paper – or soap for that matter! A commodity that isn’t missed until it’s gone, janitorial supplies like soap, paper towel and toilet tissue are things that may not be thought about on a daily basis but are very important nonetheless. Don’t get caught with your pants down – consider working with Gallagher Uniform to not only assist you with a structured uniform rental program but in facility maintenance supplies as well.

Clean Facilities Improve Workplace Morale and Overall Image

Keeping your cleansers, paper products and other supplies topped off lets your employees and on-site customers know that you care about your facility, their health, and well-being. It’s a silent signal of respect and something people expect from high-quality workplaces. But, keeping an eye on your janitorial supply inventory can be challenging, especially if it’s not naturally part of your everyday work routine. Good thing it’s part of ours!

Many customers count on our Route Service Representatives to deliver more than just uniforms. They also monitor facility service supplies every week, restocking and refilling as needed. With our team on the clock, you never need to worry about running out of the bare necessities.

Janitorial Supplies from Gallagher Uniform  

We carry a wide range of facility and janitorial supplies including:

  • Air fresheners with three scent options
  • Alco-gel hand sanitizer
  • Foam hand soap service
  • Industrial hand cleaner service
  • Toilet tissue – strong, soft and absorbent
  • Center pull paper towels & dispensers
  • Continuous roll towels
  • Nitrile and vinyl gloves

When you work with Gallagher, we guarantee your soaps never run out. That’s because we refill all dispensers on a tight and consistent schedule, attending to facility’s needs before you have to think about it. And don’t forget, we also have towels, mops and mats on-hand and available for our customers anytime. From clean mats and uniforms to clean hands and sanitary bathrooms, we keep your people and facility looking its very best!

Contact us to learn more about the brands we carry and how to make our facility services a part of your rental program today.


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