A Day in the Life of Route Service Reps at Gallagher Uniform

Route Service Representatives (RSRs) are the face of Gallagher. They are the individuals our customers see and interact with during uniform deliveries on a weekly basis. They get your garments, towels, mats and facility supplies from point A to B and form the personal relationships with customers that Gallagher is known for. So, what does a day in the life of a Route Service Rep look like? We’re here to give you an inside peek.

Preparation is Everything. The Evening Before

 The beginning of the cycle actually starts at the end of their shift! Before our RSRs head home, they load up all their deliveries for the next day. The garments have already been through our three-point inspection, cleaned, bundled and lined up for delivery. They prep the truck for the next morning and call it a day.

 Route Service Reps Do More Than Deliver Uniforms

RSRs arrive back the next morning and hit the ground running. They have pre-planned routes that rotate daily throughout the week, ensuring that your deliveries arrive on time on the day you expect them. (Remember, you can always use G-Trak Mobile to see when your uniforms are on their way.)

Upon arrival at your facility, the Reps unload and interact! As the main point of contact for our customers, RSRs don’t just drop and run. They stay, they talk and make sure that you’re totally satisfied. While there, they also look for any service requests left on the service board and address any unanswered questions you may have.

Route Service Representatives have their own form of G-Trak on the Go and are able to make changes to your uniform rental program while on route, which take effect immediately, not when they get back to the plant. This also allows them to always have the details of your account available, making it easy to answer questions and help in any way they can. Using G-Track on the Go, new orders, cancellations, size changes, replacements, and repairs can all be entered right on-site!

Before departure, RSRs collect all soiled uniforms that are ready to be washed or need repair and load those into the truck. On occasion, they also meet with any new employees, getting them measured and fitted for their new uniforms. Then it’s off to the next stop on the route, and so on and so forth.

Upon arrival back at the plant, they bring the dirty uniforms to the check-in team where they will get sorted for cleaning. Then they load the deliveries slated for the next day and high five each other on a job well done!

RSRs are an integral part of Gallagher Uniform. Many have been with us for years and over that time frame, have built some deep relationships with customers. For example, just last year we honored Route Service Rep, David Walker, with our ACE Employee of the Year award. For over 20 years, he has been our “boots on the ground”, meeting with customers every week and servicing their uniform rental needs. However, even more important than making complete, on-time deliveries every week, David specializes in making and keeping our customers happy. That’s what it all about in the end, maintaining a robust and reliable uniform rental program through weekly relationship and trust building.

So, the next time you see a Gallagher RSR in your building, stop and say hi! They would love to get to know you. And if you’re thinking about making the switch to Gallagher Uniform, contact us to learn more about our processes and approach to customer satisfaction.





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