Been There, Do That!

John C. Gallagher started his business in 1893 to clean shop towels, literally on the ground floor of the industrial revolution.  Fast forward 124 years to today, Gallagher Uniform is the leading independent, family-owned uniform and laundry service provider in west Michigan and northern Indiana.  If you think about it, that’s mind-blowing.

Stating the obvious, Gallagher Uniform must be doing something right. We work hard at it, every single day. How many companies have the wherewithal to innovate and survive that long?  Let’s put this in perspective…

When Gallagher Uniform went into business:

  • Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arizona weren’t even recognized as US States, let alone Hawaii and Alaska
  • No one had yet made it to the South Pole
  • The mousetrap hadn’t even been invented, nor
    • the thumbtack
    • the fly swatter
    • the radio
    • the tea bag

By the time the Wright brothers took to the air at Kitty Hawke, Gallagher had already been in business 10 years.

Battle Creek was not yet known as “Cereal City,” and W.K. Kellogg wouldn’t even enter the cereal business for another 13 years.

Prohibition was another 27 years away, and Grand Rapids was already a “beer city,” home to 6 breweries within the city limits.

Some things never change

Over the course of time, industries may rise and fall, technology will continue to advance and new innovations, and ideas are certain to alter the way we live and work. To stand the test of time as Gallagher Uniform has, of course it is vital to adapt. But the real key to our continued success has been the tenants of 5 generations of family leadership standing by our defining principles, which can be summed up as:

  1. Dedication to Customer Service
  2. Passion for Innovation
  3. Commitment to Quality

Adherence to these concepts is what has ensured the company’s growth, spanning three different centuries.  These are more than quaint tag lines; they are the foundation for everything we do.  They represent our recipe for passing on knowledge and service expertise from generation to generation, and they will stand the test of time, regardless of how the world changes around us.

So, whether you’re opening a new brewery or building a better mousetrap, chances are a Gallagher Uniform representative has helped someone like you in the past.  And if your flux-capacitor factory should need a solution in the future, you can count on Gallagher Uniform to come up with an innovative solution to help you succeed.

We invite you to learn more about the different uniform rental programs, facility services, and of course shop towel programs we offer. And, feel free to contact us today to hear a little bit more about what makes us different than the other guys.


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