Continuous Improvements at Gallagher

Here at Gallagher Uniform, we are constantly thinking about how to be better. We want to make your experience at Gallagher seamless, fun, and unlike any other. So we’re committed to making improvements to our technology and services, and to seeking out the best equipment possible, all in the name of uniforms! The most recent improvements we’ve made have been the implementation of the UV Max and ATP Monitor, Sonicare Blower technology, and our new cart washer! Our team is beyond excited to share more with you.

UV Max & ATP Monitor 

The UV-MAX is a mobile surface disinfection unit that uses UV-C light energy to keep surfaces hygienically clean. The UV Max can clean rooms, soil sort areas, break rooms, bathrooms, etc. It also eliminates the use of harsh chemicals and reduces water usage. Additionally, by not having to spend time with standard cleaners, our employees can focus on the tasks at hand, like taking care of YOU, all while letting the UV Max do the hard work. We have also invested in an ATP Monitor which allows us to test the cleanliness of hard surfaces and garments. The ATP Monitor is a redundancy to make sure the UV Max is functioning correctly, but if you know us, you know we like to be thorough!

SonicAire Blower technology

Our nine new SonicAire blowers are strategically placed at ceiling level (including rafters) to blow down dust and lint from DVT, our stockroom, and route storage rails. Once the dust is blown off all the surfaces, the blower keeps new dust from settling. SonicAire blower technology helps:

  • Reduce overhead dust accumulation
  • Improve plant safety
  • Comply with safety & health regulations
  • Maximize productivity

These beautiful blowers add another level of safety and cleanliness to our facility and we’re thrilled to have invested in such a trusted product.

Cart washer

Our new cart washer cleans 35 carts per hour, and to hygienically clean standards of course! It creates a more efficient process in our facility by eliminating travel time and cutting down the drying time in our current cleaning process. All things to make us a more productive team.

With the recent growth in concern of cleanliness and safety in facilities, Gallagher Uniform continues to implement technology and services that will promote a hygienically clean work environment, from uniforms to janitorial supplies. So get in contact with us today if you’re interested in learning more. We look forward to meeting you!

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