Outfitting Unique Sizes

Although Gallagher offers a variety of styles, it doesn’t keep us from providing the proper sizing for you and your team. Whether small and petite or big and tall, we’ve got you covered! Each employee is different, and we tailor to this with our fit for function mindset.

Fitting basics

Rather than having you or another team member guess sizing or even asking your employees to measure themselves, a Gallagher Route Service Supervisor will instead come on-site to measure each employee for complete accuracy. Along with these measurements, the supervisor will bring items for your team to try on as well to truly ensure the best fit. We understand that when you spend a good chunk of your day in these uniforms, the fit and comfort of them is essential. And with decades in the uniform business, we know exactly how to make sure your team is outfitted properly.

Inclusive sizing

Along with the basic small to large options, Gallagher goes the extra mile to cater to every employee. From polo shirts to durable outerwear, we have plenty of size options for your organization. Sizing is not only essential for a professional look, but also for safety. Many workplaces need fitting uniforms to prevent loose clothing for safety precautions, which is just another reason why we make sure we offer unique size options. Here are some things we offer:

  • Regular and extra-long sleeve options for select men’s styles.
  • Sizes up to 6XL in select men’s shirts.
  • Most work pant styles up to size 50.
  • Tried and true industrial pants up to size 60.
  • Selection of big and tall workwear for specific industries such as lab attire or auto technician gear.

Style and function

Every industry deserves a uniform with style! At Gallagher, we offer quality brands and tailor to every employee. We know the importance of looking polished in the workplace, and we work to provide your team with something everyone will love. With brands like The North Face, Eddie Bauer, Port Authority, Carhartt, and more, all of our offerings allow for style and durability incorporated into your everyday workwear.

Work uniforms don’t have to be basic, boring, and a dread to wear! Gallagher can help get your team excited to get ready to take on the day. Contact us to get started on your uniform program!

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