Electrician and HVAC Uniforms

Our dedication is to making sure our clients always have the right fit. Electricians and HVAC professionals often require very specific uniforms for safety, but their uniforms are also critical in developing trust in their customers. Often times, we talk about how uniforms build a brand and provide consistency, and that certainly applies here. Whether it’s an electrician uniform, an HVAC work uniform, or any other type of technical work clothing, Gallagher’s got your back.

HVAC and Electrician Uniform Options

These professionals have enough on their plates; we take the hassle out of uniform management by providing everything our clients need. Comfortable work pants and shirts are as much of a requirement as their certifications! At Gallagher, we offer several options, ripstop fabric, sleeved utility pockets, and banded convertible collars. Your high level of standards is certain to match ours when it comes to uniforms. Here are some things your business may benefit from:

Enhanced Visibility: EV garments include retro-reflective tape and are not held to ANSI 107 standard. These garments are perfect for those of you who work in low risk areas but still want added visibility. Individuals who work in shipping, receiving, oil, gas, and many more.

High Visibility: HV garments differ from EV garments in that ANSI 107 standards are placed on HV garments. Different industries and workers require different types of HV garments. Here is a break down of ANSI 107 garments and who may be required to wear them:

By Class:

  • Performance Class 1 (Type O)
  • Performance Class 2 (Type R or P)
  • Performance Class 3 (Type R or P)
  • Supplemental Class E
  • Optional High-Visibility Accessories

By Type:

  • Type O – is for off-road and non-roadway use (Class 1) and targets the mining, oil and gas industries and is not required to comply to a standard.
  • Type R – is for roadway and temporary traffic control zones (Class 2 & 3) and targets those who work on public roadways, construction and are required to comply with MUTCD.
  • Type P – is for emergency, incident responders and law enforcement personnel (Class 2 & 3).  Type P targets law enforcement, fire departments, and first responders.

Flame Resistant: FR uniforms offer more protection to employees, which also means fewer on-the-job injuries, reduced workers’ compensation claims and insurance premiums, fewer days away from work, more productive employees and a better reputation as an employer. FR uniforms also come in high visibility options to tailor to your ANSI uniform requirements.

Facility Services: Everything from restroom supplies to towel and mop rentals, keep your facility clean and looking great for clients as well.

Safety, Comfortability, Consistency

Safety is of the utmost importance to those in these specific fields. We provide high-visibility shirts and outerwear, flame resistant shirts, pants, and coveralls, and wrinkle-free and stain-resistant uniforms to keep employees looking their best for customers at all times. The impression you leave is often as important as the work you do, and that’s where a sleek and branded uniform comes into play. It’s our goal to make sure that you feel as comfortable as possible on the job, especially one where your work is so important. The safety of you and your clients is a priority for us, and one of the reasons why we work so hard to provide cost-effective uniform programs for companies like yours.

Make the Switch

You can count on us for uniforms and maintenance programs that are created for companies like yours. Give your employees time to do their job without worrying about a uniform, by increasing morale and productivity, impressing your clients and customers, and keeping your employees safe and comfortable. Tailored for fit and function, Gallagher Uniform is the best choice for all your HVAC and electrician uniform needs. Contact us today to learn more,

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