Facility & Janitorial Supplies.

Because We’re More than Just Uniforms

While Uniform is in our name, our customers count on us for more than keeping their people looking good. We help keep their buildings looking good too. Keeping your facilities clean, organized and safe is a big responsibility. And, Gallagher Uniform works hard to make it easy for customers to get products they need, when they need them.

Clean, organized facilities make an impression on your employees and your customers. Facility maintenance and upkeep require an attention to detail to make sure that you never run out of supplies. No one wants to be caught in the bathroom without the right paper products, be it paper towel or toilet paper.

Do you find it a challenge to keep adequate levels of cleansers, paper products and other supplies on hand? Tired of running out of things when you need them most?

You too can count on our route service representatives, who visit our customers routinely to deliver freshly cleaned uniforms, but will also monitor facility service suppliers and necessities while on site. This includes everything from mops, mats and towels to hand soaps, paper products, sanitizers, air fresheners and more. We also provide the dispensers for these items.

What Does Facility Services Include?

In short, anything besides uniforms. But to help clarify:

Mats: Floor and entrance mats. These mats can be customized with logos or other messages to help dress up your entrance. And we also offer a variety of anti-slip and anti-fatigue mats to improve workspace safety and ergonomics.

Towels: Towels take us all the way back to our roots in 1893 when John C. Gallagher opened Detroit Waste Works, Inc. to produce utility rags for local businesses. We now offer a full array of shop towels, bar and kitchen towels, microfiber towels, and even bath towels just to name a few. If your employees are going through lots of paper towels, and you want a “greener” option, consider shop towels.

Mops: Whether it’s rainy season, winter, or anything in between (which we get a lot here in Michigan), customers receive fresh, clean mop heads on a regular basis. Choose from dust mops, micro fiber mops, wet mops and more.

Facility & Janitorial Supplies:

  • Air fresheners
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Foam hand soap
  • Industrial hand soap
  • Toilet Tissue
  • Center pull paper towels & dispensers
  • Continuous roll towels

Whether you’re thinking about putting together a new rental program, currently working with us but haven’t yet considered facility services, or have a program in place but are looking for a change, consider making the switch to Gallagher for your uniforms and facility service items. We’re happy to answer any questions you have.

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