Uniform History: Why Do People Wear Uniforms?

Uniforms are often an integral part of companies and organizations. They signify whom employees work for, who they work with, and the pride the company has in themselves and their employees. In the past, uniforms were used as a way to simply identify what occupation someone held, but as time has progressed, uniforms have turned into much more.

In the late 18th century, dockworkers wore flared denim trousers, striped undershirts, knitted roll neck jumpers and short blue pea coats. In the old west, railroad workers wore their distinctive striped overalls, caps and jackets. And, many manual laborers in Britain, and the US were outfitted in workwear because it was durable and provided some safety for the work they were doing.

Uniforms Instill Confidence and Are Easy to Recognize

You can easily recognize many professions today by their uniforms. Police, Fire, Armed Forces are among those most often in uniform. Still, Doctors, Nurses, auto technicians, HVAC professionals, all take advantage of the confidence that uniforms instill in their customers. Businesses of all shapes and sizes can too.

Uniforms Extend Your Company Brand

From branding to protection, uniforms are often an essential piece of a company’s culture and overall style.  Uniforms give your company and staff a united look. They show that employees have something in common, and that they’re ready, take pride in their work and are willing to serve a customer. Sure, uniforms still help identify where someone works, but they accomplish much more.

Most companies we work with invest in marketing and building their brand. Uniforms are sometimes thought of as an extension of the marketing, especially for customer facing employees. Auto dealers, service companies and many others have uniforms that are customized in company colors, logos, and other details that help people easily identify their business.

Uniforms Are for Everyone

As times keep changing, it’s important to realize that uniforms can even be implemented in a “business casual” workplace. There are several options to outfit your employees with a business casual style that will keep everyone comfortable, professional and consistent. There are even articles written that talk about how some professionals are wearing the “same thing” every day, essentially creating their own, personal uniform. Why would they do this you ask? Because uniforms mean fewer decisions need to be made about what to wear, less stress, and of course they create their own “brand” by wearing their own “uniform.”

Uniforms Equal Uniformity & Belonging

And finally, whether you believe it or not, uniforms tend to inspire camaraderie and teamwork among people. By creating a sense of belonging, your employees can be inspired to form better relationships and be more productive in the workplace. So, if you’re looking to extend your company’s brand through a uniform program, or are simply looking to work with a uniform rental company that keeps your employees happy and has been around almost as long as uniforms have been, then consider making the switch to Gallagher Uniform today.

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