Special Requirements Call for Special Treatment, Which is the Gallagher Uniform Way

Customers who work with Gallagher Uniform know they can count on us for superior customer service and to do whatever it takes to meet their special uniform program needs. We cover a wide area throughout the Midwest and southern Michigan, as well as northern Indiana. This region is home to a diverse base of manufacturing, agriculture, energy, and service companies. It’s our goal to serve them all, and serve them well.

Compliance with Industry Regulations

This particular customer is in pharmaceutical manufacturing. As you can imagine, they must meet rigorous standards and regulations through their operations; their uniform program is no exception. One of the facilities this customer operates had special requirements that their previous uniform company was not able to provide. That’s where Gallagher Uniform stepped in.

While it may seem like a small consideration, if you know anyone who may be allergic to penicillin, it’s a very important requirement!

Special Handling Required

This customer has a separate facility where they manufacture penicillin.  Due to potential allergies, careful handling of everything that goes in and out of that facility is required. All uniform garments must be separated from any other company’s garments and towels. This means dedicated pick-ups, transport, laundry, and handling. These items cannot be mixed with any other garments or inventory items during delivery, pick up/return, cleaning, or handling.

Ensuring Safety of Our Own Associates Too

That’s not all. We made sure to keep our own associates safe, too. We identified every Gallagher Uniform associate who would interact with these garments, including those would do uniform check in, handling, transportation, sorting, etc., and these team members were screened for potential allergies to the drug.

Meeting Customer Needs is the “Norm” at Gallagher

Due to our size and technology, Gallagher Uniform is often able to meet specialized demands of customers, like this particular client. Our investment in automation and technology, as well as service-oriented associates, allows Gallagher to meet customer requirements day in and day out. This includes the needs of this particular client to keep all laundry pick up, transport, sorting, washing, drying, and more all separate. Or like another customer, it can include having a uniform shop within their facilities, making it easier to meet the needs of all employees throughout all shifts.

If you’re tired of being one stop on a route of your current uniform company, consider making the switch to Gallagher Uniform, where our culture of service, going above and beyond, and investments in technology make your uniform programs run smoothly every day of the week.

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