Facility Upgrades and Improvements

We’ll admit it: Gallagher Uniform has been a little selfish as of late. Not that we’re not giving the well-deserved attention to our clients, but we noticed that the Gallagher plant in Battle Creek could use some “me” time. What does this mean for you?

Facility upgrades

A better Gallagher Uniform facility means better service to our customers. If we left our plant the same way it was when we started, we’d still be producing exclusively shop rags in a tiny facility. In order to remain one of the best uniform rental service companies in Michigan and the Midwest, we need to be taking care of the equipment we use and optimizing it, just like how we are committed to continued learning for our employees. Check out our most recent advancements!

Check-in. Where it all begins

We have updated our floorplan in check-in for soiled garments and moved to a new system design. We’re washing tens of thousands of work pants, shirts, towels and more. This new process allows us to move dirty items more efficiently. Which means they get cleaned, inspected and processed to get back to our customers in a timely manner.

Stockroom updates

Many people are mesmerized at how fast our embroidery machines work for new emblem application, garment repair and more. We’ve added two new embroidery machines to replace older ones that were maintenance hassles and ultimately lead to quality issues.

Four brand new washers

And these aren’t your basic washing machines. These industrial washers have us boosting productivity like nobody’s business-except maybe ours. Our four new washers have been washing up expertly clean garments since September.

Wash aisle

Speaking of those new washers, we also replaced all of the piping for our wash aisle. Our older galvanized pipes were replaced with stainless steel piping. Why? Well, stainless steel pipes ensure the quality of our garments and washing processes. Galvanized metal pipes can deteriorate over time and all that build up in the pipes is compensated for by longer washes and more chemicals used.

Upgraded steam tunnel

Our steam tunnel received some much-needed TLC this past spring. We installed all new tunnel rails, control panels, expanded our hanging stations and gave the tunnel itself a throughout cleaning.

And, since efficiency is the name of the game, we also installed new stacks so air flows more freely, replaced our heating elements and lengthened our conveyor chain to accommodate more operators.  All of this work reduced the double handling of garments, meaning more garments processed per hour. On average our tunnel sees 15,000 garments per day. These upgrades will keep the steam tunnel train going strong!

Uniform bundling verification & delivery prep

Right now, there are uniforms being sorted, bundled, and verified for complete delivery to our customers. And now it’s getting done even faster. We expanded the rails leading into the sorting area to allow for more garments to be reviewed, as well as expanding the rails that lead outwards. This way, we’re bundling up your uniforms faster with longer buffer times in between orders, making it easier on us and the system.

Gallagher Uniform always seeks to improve. Whether it be our personnel or our plant, we’re always taking steps forward. If you’d like to be a part of this forward movement, make the switch to Gallagher Uniform, and put your national supplier behind you.

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