Certifications: Gallagher’s Dedication to You

Gallagher Uniform is committed to nonstop improvement. Just when you think we’re going to take a breather, we start working even harder. In order to stay up to date on everything new and fresh in the laundering and uniform rental service industry, we regularly participate in professional development activities through organizations like CSC Network and TRSA (Textile Rental Service Association), as well as making strategic investments in upgrading facility equipment and procedures.

So much has been changing at Gallagher this year. So much, in fact, that we just had to blog about it. Keep reading to learn how Gallagher is moving towards the future of uniform rental service!

Proclamation of Certifications

Even though we’ve been providing excellent service for over 100 years, there is still plenty to learn to help us grow. That’s why we send our business leaders to trainings and certification classes. The more we know, the better we serve our customers. Some of these certifications can take years-worth of training and classes, but that doesn’t hold us back. Here are our most recent certifications:

Executive Management Institute Certified: Chris Gallagher, Vice President of Customer Service

Our Vice President of Customer Service, Chris Gallagher, recently obtained his EMI Certification from TRSA. This program has been churning out successful textile industry leaders for over 50 years. Education surrounds topics like delegation and resource management, personal and interpersonal development, ethics and diversity, customer service, and more.

Production Management Institute Certified: Kevin Gallagher, Plant Manager

Another Gallagher brushing up their skillset, Kevin Gallagher has his PMI Certification. As Plant Manager, it’s imperative that he remains current on how to best boost productivity and ensure safety while doing it. As a part of the PMI certification, Kevin builds in areas such as: personally impacting total business performance, relating to colleagues in all company departments, managing all players in plant workforce, and enhancing supervisory and leadership skills.

Maintenance Management Institute (Almost) Certified: John Shafer, Maintenance and Production Manager

While John may not be fully certified quite yet, we think his hard work deserves a mention. John is in his second year of MMI training, where he grows in the following key skills: identifying cost-reduction opportunities, incorporating plant problem-solving in corporate culture, building an understanding of common equipment failures, and identifying plant-wide and departmental improvements. After completion of his MMI certification, John hopes to further improve processes for efficiency and pinpoint organizational needs for improvement.

High Performance Team Coaches Clinic Service Training Program Certified: Cory Bracy, Route Service Supervisor and Nick Dysinger, Route Service Supervisor

This certification comes with two qualified employees this time! Cory received his certification in April of 2017, while Nick completed his recently in January of 2019. This program teaches leaders of high performance teams how to educate and spread the knowledge of Performance Matters programs. Basically, Cory and Nick can share with Gallagher Team members how to be  an effective member of High Performance Teams. This will ultimately lead to better productivity, and better service.

HACCP and Hygienically Clean Food Safety Certification (Almost): Gallagher Uniform

While we haven’t secured the certification quite yet, we’re almost there. This certification, provided by Hygienically Clean, certifies that launderers meet special BMP’s (best management practices) for ensuring healthcare garments are fully clean, even down to the microbial level.

“Laundries pass three rounds of outcome-based microbial testing, indicating that their processes are producing Hygienically Clean Food Safety linens and garments and negligible presence of harmful bacteria. To maintain certification, laundry plants must pass quarterly testing to ensure that as laundry conditions change, such as water quality, textile fabric composition and wash chemistry, laundered product quality is consistently maintained.

This process eliminates subjectivity by focusing on outcomes and results that verify textiles cleaned in these facilities meet appropriate hygienically clean standards and best management practices (BMPs) for servicing animal processing, dairies, fruit/vegetable, bakeries, grain and other food and beverage industry segments.”

Gallagher hopes to finish the certification process by 2020!

Clean Green Certification: Gallagher Uniform

Instead of for an individual, this certification is for the business itself. Acquiring TRSA’s Clean Green Certification guarantees that our business meets or exceeds sustainability standards in everything we do. From reusing laundry water’s residual temperature to heat up new loads, to using the most soluble, environmentally friendly detergents to wash garments, this certification covers all the corners. To learn more about TRSA’s Clean Green Certification and how Gallagher Uniform meets these standards, check out one of our recent blog posts.

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