Meet Our New Sales Team Members

Our employees are like family here at Gallagher Uniform. Since we’ve been owned and operated by the Gallagher family from the very beginning, we try to instill a sense of camaraderie for those who don’t share a surname with us. But enough about us – let’s talk about our rock star employees.

We’ve seen continuous growth year after year, and that means our employees are growing with us. They’ve taken on new roles and sometimes even changed departments; check out some of our recent additions to our sales team!

Raeha Weaver

At Gallagher: Almost 4 years

In Sales: Less than a year

Territory: GR East

Raeha started at Gallagher Uniform in our plant as a steam tunnel operator in June of 2016. In August of 2016, Raeha moved from our plant to our customer service team in the office. During daily operations, Raeha handled customer service inquiries, aided our service team in attending customer service hours, and quickly became our customers’ favorite CSR to communicate with. Raeha left Gallagher in January of 2019 to pursue a career in insurance, but shortly after came back to Gallagher, now as a Sales Professional. Welcome back, Raeha!


Cory Bracy

At Gallagher: Almost 6 years

In Sales: Less than a year

Territory: South East

Cory started at Gallagher Uniform as a customer service representative in January of 2014. Six months later, Cory was promoted to Route Service Supervisor and began his journey of supervising over 100+ customer accounts. In October of 2019, Cory decided he wanted a career change, and made the jump to the sales team! Welcome aboard, Cory.


Trent Crawford

At Gallagher: Almost 2 years

In Sales: Less than a year

Territory: GR West

Trent started at Gallagher Uniform as a Route Service Representative in April of 2018. He was on the ground every day delivering uniforms, mats, and facility services to our customers. After almost 2 years as a Route Service Representative, Trent decided he wanted to try out the sales team! He’s a great addition to our team, so, thanks Trent!


Carrie Johnson

At Gallagher: Less than a year

In Sales: Less than a year

Territory: South West

Carrie started at Gallagher Uniform as a Sales Professional in September of 2019. Carrie’s father is a retiree of Gallagher and encouraged her to come see what a great company we are. Almost four months in and Carrie is already helping companies understand the Gallagher difference.


Allison Tobey

Title: Marketing Manager

At Gallagher: 1 year

Allison started at Gallagher Uniform as our Sales and Marketing assistant in late November of 2018. Allison’s main tasks included drafting proposals for our sales team, setting first appointments, designing promotions, developing campaigns and target marketing material, and working closely with RED66 Marketing on our company’s marketing efforts. In October of 2019 Allison was promoted to Marketing Manager, and she currently manages Gallagher’s marketing department. In her new role, Allison continues to work closely with our sales team, while also supporting all aspects of marketing to prospects, customers, and employees as needed! Thanks for all of your hard work, Allison!

Are you eager to get in contact with our stellar sales team? We can’t blame you. Don’t hesitate to reach out, and learn why making the switch to Gallagher Uniform has never been easier.

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