Meet Cindi Roth: the 44 Year-Long Employee Who Still Bikes to Work Almost Every Day

The Thanksgiving season brings much to be thankful for- but one employee from a local uniform supply company has something extra to bring her gratitude this year.

Cindi Roth, who has worked for Gallagher Uniform since 1976, won the ACE award during the company’s annual meeting. The award’s title is an acronym standing for “Associate Committed to Excellence”, and is described as a “recognition and honoring of an associate who exhibits integrity, holds a positive attitude, is trustworthy, and goes the extra mile.”

Both nominated and chosen by her coworkers, the award serves as an example of what it’s like to be a part of a family of coworkers in a family-owned company. “It was a huge surprise to me, and a huge honor,” Roth expressed.

In her award nomination, the nominator writes that “Cindi is a hard worker and has dedicated herself to Gallagher for over 40 years,” and then goes on to describe her attention to detail and a high level of concern for her work. Roth began working in the steam tunnel, and then made her transition to the folding station, ensuring all uniforms are pressed, prepared, and polished before delivery.

But if you really know Cindi, you know that she’s committed to more than just her career. As a self-titled environmentalist, the hardworking woman bikes to work as often as she can. “I take care of this earth as best as I can through riding my bike to work, and picking up trash on the way,” Roth remarked.

For some, it may not be easy working the same job for over 40 years. For Cindi, she finds excitement in watching the company grow and develop. “It has been interesting seeing the company evolve through the sensational ownership,” said Roth. She also expressed that it was easy working for a company like Gallagher Uniform, citing their “stability and flexibility of management” as further reasoning behind working with the company for so long.

“People like Cindi are a testament to the culture here at Gallagher Uniform,” said President John Gallagher. “We’re lucky to have Cindi on the team, and we’re happy that her hard work can be recognized like this.”

Cindi would like to thank God and the whole team at Gallagher Uniform for receiving this award. She couldn’t have done it without them!

2 thoughts on “Cindi Roth: ACE Award Winner”

  1. I’ve known Cindi for almost 7 years now and all I think of is her warm welcome and hug every time she sees me. She’s loving an carrying for other people. Cant wait to give her a hug when I see you all in January. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all at Gallagher Uniform. See you and god bless??
    Regards Søren from DVT

  2. Cindy is a winner in every category. No one could be more deserving of the Ace award than Cindy. God blessed Gallagher Uniform when She came to work for us over 40 years ago. As the second president ,Norman Gallagher would say “Our hat’s off to you Cindy”
    Bette Gallagher


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