The Benefits of Going Local with Gallagher

Maintaining enough supplies and employees is something most companies are worried about in our current economy. Supply chain issues and low employment can cause factory shutdowns, low inventory, or team members working overtime. Unfortunately, none of these issues are 100% avoidable. However, one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is making sure your team has clean and compliant uniforms. Not only do local uniform providers ensure your employees have the right workwear for the job, but partnering with a local uniform provider saves you time and money. Here are four ways using a local uniform provider is a win-win.

1.   You don’t have to wash laundry in-house or at home when you partner with a local uniform provider

Partnering with Gallagher eliminates the need to buy and maintain laundry equipment, hire additional employees to do the laundry, and deal with the general costs of washing your uniforms in-house. In addition, we use far less natural resources in our laundering and finishing processes than when work clothes are laundered at home making Gallagher the environmental- friendly choice.

2.   Damaged or Size Changes in Uniforms

Using a local uniform provider like Gallagher ensures you don’t have to keep a stock of uniforms at all times, which takes up a ton of space and costs a lot to maintain. If a uniform is ever damaged or an employee needs a different size, you have what you need when you need it. You’ll never have to worry about a torn shirt or missing zipper again.

3.   Avoid Lost Uniforms

Gallagher’s advanced G-Trak tracking system takes the stress out of uniform program management by ensuring accurate uniform deliveries and providing real-time information on your garments during every step of the laundering process. G-Trak uses RFID technology to manage the employee uniform cleaning and maintenance process. Data about each uniform, including repair needs or special laundering requirements, is encoded on a flexible RFID tag applied to the garment so you’ll never have to worry about lost uniforms again!

4.   No Surprise Fees

Surprises are great, but they shouldn’t be on an invoice. We never apply questionable charges to invoices and, when there are questions or issues, we always take the time to work things out, your happiness is our success. Gallagher provides each customer with a dedicated service representative, local to you, to answer any questions you may have and provide any information regarding your service or invoices.

Employee Uniforms Your Way

When you choose Gallagher Uniform Rental, you know you’ll get what you need and what the price will be – every time. Switching employee uniform rental companies can be daunting, so when you switch to Gallagher, your dedicated service representative will personally visit your facility, bring sample garments for you to choose from, and gather your logo or artwork. In addition, we will remeasure your employees and walk them through how your new program will work.

Our Little Green Box Guarantee says that should we fail to meet your performance expectations, let us know in writing within the terms of our agreement. If we have not resolved your concerns within 30 days, you can cancel our service with no penalty and receive a full refund for your last month’s rental fees. On top of that, we’ll pay your new supplier’s first month’s rental fees.

Local Wins

It’s not just our opinion; it’s a cold hard fact: local employee uniform suppliers beat national competitors in exceeding customer expectations (by twice as much!). If that isn’t enough to convince you, using a local company positively impacts the economy, environment, and community morale.

  • More of your money is kept in the community when you purchase from a locally owned company.
  • Purchasing local goods and services helps grow area businesses and the tax base.
  • Local businesses make more local purchases.
  • Fewer semi-trucks transporting garments between depots mean less congestion and air pollution.
  • Locally owned businesses provide most new jobs.
  • Nonprofits receive more significant support from local business owners who donate more to local charities than non-local owners.
  • Local business owners invest in the community.

If you are ready to make the switch to a company that’s provided superior service for five generations, contact us here. We guarantee that it’ll be the easiest switch you ever make.

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