Gallagher Uniform Keeps Lifesaving Pharmaceutical Plant Operational

Without employee workwear for their pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the country faced a plant shutdown.

They called Gallagher Uniform for help. Gallagher stepped in and provided clean, compliant workwear overnight to the pharmaceutical manufacturing employees keeping the plant fully operational.

The Situation

A leading pharmaceutical manufacturer was running out of employee uniforms in their largest operation. Without uniforms, the plant would not meet safety and compliance requirements and would be required to shut down.

When a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility suddenly shuts down because of a manufacturing or safety issue, it could lead to drug shortages that impact every level of the healthcare system, compromising the standard of care for thousands of patients.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Workwear

The role of employee uniforms in pharmaceutical manufacturing is two-fold. It protects pharma and biotech employees from hazardous materials, hazardous substances, and fire and explosion hazards. Employee uniforms also protect the drug manufacturing process against cross-contamination. The FDA and OSHA have specific regulations regarding personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements, including pharmaceutical manufacturing and biotech employee workwear and uniforms.

Gallagher Uniform Keeps Lifesaving Pharmaceutical Plant Operational And Prevents Plant Shutdown

Because the current uniform provider could not handle the job, the pharma manufacturer contacted Gallagher for an emergency washing of uniforms. Gallagher’s team didn’t hesitate and quickly devised a plan to solve the problem for the customer. Two Gallagher crews willingly worked extra evening shifts to wash, tunnel, and sort the employee work uniforms in under eight hours.

The clean, compliant pharmaceutical manufacturing uniforms were delivered to the client the following morning. Upon delivery, Gallagher picked up another load of employee uniforms to launder, ensuring the customer had more than enough uniforms ready. The client seamlessly continued operations without worrying about shutting down the manufacturing process.

Gallagher received this message from the client:

Gallagher Team, We Thank You

We would like to personally thank the great Gallagher employees for their dedication.

Preparing garments within 8 hours to keep [our team] making life-saving medications truly shows the Gallagher Team is over the top outstanding!

The professional service, attention to detail, and exemplary teamwork is extremely appreciated by our whole Team.

Gallagher Puts Customer Service First

Manufacturers in significant industries, including the pharmaceutical industry, trust Gallagher Uniform because of our experience handling, laundering, and delivering a full suite of industry-compliant uniform garments and workwear.

Gallagher understands the importance of our services to workplaces across Michigan and Northern Indiana. Without clean, safe, and professional employee workwear, many manufacturers, healthcare facilities, auto dealerships and mechanics, food processing, and others would be unable to do their jobs.

Our advanced garment tracking system ensures employee workwear is laundered, quality checked, and delivered on time. Customers have total transparency on garment status through our G-Trak system. To provide continuous communication, we have multiple levels of dedicated reps assigned to each customer account.

Have complete confidence in your employee uniform provider. Contact us today to learn more about our employee uniform rental programs.

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