Happy Feet – Keeping Comfortable (and Safe) on The Job

When you have employees who are on their feet for nearly their entire shift, ergonomics, productivity and comfort all come to mind. Experts can say that “sitting is the new smoking” and bad for one’s health. But try telling that to someone who is standing at their workstation day-in and day-out assembling, packaging or processing items in a manufacturing facility.

OSHA agrees that prolonged standing can cause stress and strain on a workers’ back and legs. And studies have shown that lost worker productivity in a variety of work settings often can be attributed to worker aches and pains.

Anti-fatigue mats offer some cushion and support for workers who stand most of their shift. As the mats contract and expand, the muscles of the person standing will respond, which can increase blood-flow and reduce fatigue.

We realize that there are many aspects of workplace safety (and comfort). The more that you can do to help keep employees comfortable on the job, avoiding any strain or pain on their feet, legs, or back, the more likely the positive impact on productivity.

Similar to our uniform programs, our mats and other facility services are serviced on a regular basis. Depending on your needs, we replace them weekly, every other week or even every four weeks. We’ll take the dirty mats and replace with clean ones. This constant rotation helps prolong mat life and impact on your employees’ comfort.

Mats for Any Industry

Anti-fatigue mats aren’t just for manufacturing or production floors. They are also great for restaurants, clean rooms, retail areas and even offices as more and more people begin to use standing desks. If you have employees who stand for extended periods of time and who complain of foot, leg or back fatigue, try using mats.

Mats Improve Safety Too

In addition to offering improved comfort and productivity, mats can also be a great (and often necessary) addition to your workplace safety program. Mats can be used to reduce slip and fall risks in high traffic areas throughout your facility. We deal with lots of Michigan weather swings which can cause humidity fluctuations in the workplace and especially concrete floors. Workplaces that utilize liquids or elements deal with potential moisture or wet areas on the floors, too. Utilizing drainage mats is a cost-effective way to reduce the potential for slip and fall hazards.

Make sure any thicker comfort mats used in your workplace have sloped or beveled edges to provide a smooth transition to and from the floor, further reducing slips and trips. And for added safety awareness, consider utilizing safety message mats around your facility. These include messages like “Safety First” and “Spills cause accidents” that serve as simple reminders each time employees pass by.

Make The Switch to Gallagher

All our mats, from basic entry mats to logo, message and safety mats, are available in different sizes and colors, and can even be customized to fit your workplace needs. Our team would be happy to discuss different mat options to improve your workplace safety and employee performance. Please contact us today.






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